Savaged Kith'takharos

Session 27

A minute ago you were dry, confident and ready to delve into the ruins. Now, you are wet, wounded and just outside a cave defended by hell spiders.

Round 3
Radiant Spider: The spider in front of Bianca and Darrin skitters a moment seemingly confused, then moves towards Rikard who is still standing. Fire spouts out at Rikard though he has partial cover from the water reaching up to his waist. The flame hits near the water line sizzling and engendering fear the likes of which no man would wish to contemplate.

Radiant Spider#3: The spider that has blasted Rikard a number of times fires up yet again!

Rikard is all but engulfed by the fiery discharge and is wounded again!

Bart realizes that he has to change strategies and dives into the water hoping to splash spiders soaking them.

With deliberate action, Bart makes a mighty belly flop and dives into the water. Water splashes everyone and everything around him as he does so but to little effect. The spiders seem to recoil as perhaps any living thing would but do not hiss or steam.

Bart stays underwater holding his breath. He stays in his present prone position.
Mistress Bianca stands with one arm holding her water soaked cloak up shielding her flesh from an impending onslaught.
Mistress Bianca attempts to cast a spell but like the fire on the water, it fizzles.
Darren says loudly as he stands up using Bianca as a human shield and pumps his crossbow, “We should withdraw and regroup!”

Radiant Spider: One spider on Bart breaks and retreats slowly the way it arrived.

Radiant Spider#2: The other however, turns and spits a gout of fire at Rikard.

The living fire line sizzles without effect in the water above Bart.

Round 4
Bart exits the water on hands and knees calling on the spirits for guidance. His body seems to shrink down until he looks like one of the spiders.

All the spiders seem agitated at the noise and perhaps the presence of Bart as he exits from the water onto his hands and knees. And then… The spiders still seem agitated and it is impossible to say at this point how they will react to the new spider (Bart). One of the spiders turns about 480 degrees looking in apparent confusion, then withdraws into the safety of the webs…for now.

Just before the spider can completely withdraw a wild strike from Bianca’s quarterstaff lethally smacks it from the ceiling. Its legs shake and spasm. Then it is still.

Mistress Bianca: That is for Spitting fire on me! GAH! (Bianca spits on the dead spider.)
Mistress Bianca incants a fist of the staff at the remaining spider in front of her.
Mistress Bianca: And that is for spitting on my friends!

In continuing fury Bianca raises her staff and a fist shaped gust of wind smacks another down the hall. It too is still…

Bart attempts to take advantage of the retreating spider and stumbles about a bit instead.

For a moment all is still here at the entrance. However, there are many more skittering noises deep from within. They do not grow close yet.

Round 5
Bart (the spider)scurries in order to get a better view.

The entrance must be a section of hallway or corridor. The floor emerges from the water in a crumbled, irregular edge. Beyond the first few feet, the corridor is dark. About 10 feet into the corridor dense webs extend from floor to ceiling. Anything beyond a few feet becomes indistinct. Bart, the spider, moves along the floor into the webs almost out of view. It grows dark very quickly past the webs.

Bart: (the spider) seeing the spiders retreat starts clipping the web with his mandibles.

You find the webs are very dry and clip rather easily.

Mistress Bianca climbs out of the water and moves up just close enough to the unconscious spider to pull it towards her with her staff.

Bianca is successful; the spider is manipulated carefully forward to her feet.

Darren lets his crossbow hang and relieves Bianca’s pack of the device then sets it down upon the stone floor near her.
Rikard Castleberry moves up to the shore and looks around, on guard for more spiders coming their way.

You are quite aware of the water that is sloshing down your clothes forming a puddle on the cracked travertine.

Round 6
Rikard Castleberry: So guys, I don’t think we should stay here much longer than we need to. I don’t know quite what those were, but I am quite fine with not being here anymore. Do we have the device that Meryl gave us?
Bart continues clipping the webs letting them fall to the ground.
Mistress Bianca picks up the spider and sets it on the device, pushes the button, then puts the dead spider on the device and pushes a different button.

The first spider vanishes.

Rikard Castleberry: Guys, we need to get out of here. There are more coming!
Rikard Castleberry: Grab the thing and let’s go!
Darren: I’ll go grab some jars!
Darren tears off toward the boat.

Round 7
After the blurted warning, no one is surprised to see fresh arachnids!

Radiant Spider: The new spider goes right next to Bart the Spider… and spews flame towards Bianca or Rikard.

Radiant Spider#2: The second spider skitters up and plants itself over Bart the Spider. The second spider spits forth more flame and singes Rikard’s hair as it flies out into the water behind him… A narrow miss._

Darren happily sloshes quickly back with the jars.
Darren: I have the Jars…ack! More spiders!?
Rikard Castleberry takes a step next to Bianca and attacks the spider directly in front of him.
Rikard Castleberry: If you would, please get the other spider in the box, so we can get out of here!

Both spiders keep out from under the expert slashes Rikard delivers. For whatever reason a new arriving spider isn’t deceived by Bart the Spider! It acts in an unusual way, trying to get the attention of the others by scraping the chitinous spurs against the stone.

Rikard’s spear raises sparks as it touches stone near the dexterous spiders. Flames erupt enveloping the spider and webs all around it. The scraping noise erupts another section of webs.

Bart the Spider is engulfed in flames along with the spiders! He is burned but was able to shrug off some fo the heat and only took 1 wound. He is not shaken.

Radiant Spider#5: Another red spider skitters along the ceiling, stops and spits flame at Bianca.

The flames light Bianca up hard in the chest. Her breasts are on fire and for a moment ablaze!

Mistress Bianca: “Get the device, Ugh!” She said as she patted out the flames upon her.

Round 8
Radiant Spider#3: The spider sends another flaming spitball at Rikard. Rikard is fired up and shaken.

Darren: Rikard, what are you doing!? Get out of here already!
Darren drops the jars as he runs up, grabs the device and tries to run out of range.

Rikard sees all spiders bearing down, intent upon burning him out of the pattern.

Radiant Spider: The spider shoots out another gout which is somewhat weaker than usual.

Radiant Spider#4: Another spider spits at Rikard and Rikard makes a miraculous ducking maneuver and the fire misses.

Bart the flaming spider ducks into the water only to be replaced with an angry Bart, the swamp rat once again.
Bart: “They are evil and must be destroyed!” Bart announces as he grabs hold of the back of Rikard’s coat and drags him backward into the water.

Radiant Spider#2: A spider skitters around and creeps slowly forward towards Bart, mandibles flexing.

Round 9
Rikard Castleberry regains his balance from being dragged and wabbles over to the skiff. WIth delibrate action he starts to push it into the water so they can get away.
Darren: Wait! We are not done yet Rikard, wait for Bart and lets discuss this.
Darren grabs up a jar.

Radiant Spider#2: The spider in front of Bart spews a jet of flame. The water boils and hisses as the bolt of flame burns out without hurting Bart.

Bart makes his way to the side and safety.
Bart: Throw me a torch so that we can rid the swamp of these fowl beasts.
Mistress Bianca: Pull the boat out and I can peg em off from a distance.
Darren: What are you guys doing? We aren’t done yet!

Radiant Spider#4: Your worst fears are realized as one of the spiders creeps outside along the upper mound covering the ruins.

Flames lick outward over the heads of the party as the spider slips a little on its new perch.

Round 10
Radiant Spider: Bart sees the spider follow him, fire erupts forth from between its red mandibles.

The flames are ill aimed and miss. The grass burns and smokes.

Darren: Oh Fu…
Darren jumps into the water and swims out a bit.

Radiant Spider#5: The spider is not deterred by such a simple thing as vast amounts of water. It hisses forth a gout of flame while tracking Darren.

Though earnest the spider is unable to keep a bead on its quarry and the bolt hisses and misses.

Rikard Castleberry yells out as he moves to attack the spider.
Rikard Castleberry: Darren! Arm the skiff and shoot it or something!
Rikard Castleberry then swings wildly at the spider as he charges it!

Rikard’s strike is true. He stabs and dissects it as it splits clean in two.

Bart draws his sword and attacks with a fury that is bestial in nature.

In a single stroke you destroy the out of control menace.

Round 11
Mistress Bianca moves further out into the water as far as she can stand and guards the rest of her with her cloak as before.
Bart starts to climb up the mound.
Mistress Bianca holds her action and waits to see if any spiders emerge that she can paste from a distance.
Mistress Bianca: Get the boat in the water. Quit goofing around Darren!

The only sounds are now coming from your movements. Out here it is hard to hear if there are more.

Mistress Bianca: I’ll cover you.
Rikard Castleberry moves back to the skiff and starts to get it closer to the water.

Round 12
Bart starts to search the area for another entrance or signs of habitation.
Rikard Castleberry keeps lugging the boat closer to the water as he explains his plan to Darren.
Darren continues to struggle to shore.
Rikard Castleberry: We’re going to get our job done, but I want to leave on a moments notice.

Round 13
Darren looks over and sees that Rikard has the boat in hand, he steps up drenched as if to help, however he simply grabs two more jars.
Darren sets them down and squeezes his jerkin releasing some water.
Rikard Castleberry continues on his epic quest of preparing the skiff for launch.
Rikard Castleberry: Shouts as he drags it, “BART! You out there?”
Bart studies the top of the entrance for a way to cave it in.

Round 14
Rikard Castleberry keeps tugging it along towards the water.
Rikard Castleberry: How many jars are filled!?
Darren smoothes back his hair and checks to make sure he can move efficiently.
Darren: None Rikard, we have none filled but if I can have a moment, that could change!
Bart starts to collect wet fronds he could use as a shield.
Bart finds plenty of plant mass to provide some cover.
Mistress Bianca keeps vigil…waiting…

Round 15
Rikard Castleberry keeps on moving the skiff to the water.
Bart drops with his plants in front of the opening.
Bart drops down to the platform, gazing down the tunnel.
Darren steps around with silent grace. He raises his crossbow and surveys the area, especially the webs and ceiling.

Deep within the mound the echoes of skittering draws near Darren, Bart, and Bianca.

Darren stealthy steps forward and to the side, picking up a jar.

Round 16
Radiant Spider: The first of many spiders appear! Flames shoot forth, you can’t say you are surprised.

The fire misses Bianca by a wide margin, seems the flames get weak pretty fast. Another spider scurries forth, belching flame.

Bart rushes the demon spawn in front of him swinging his sword.
Bart comes at the spider with determination but the spider is fresh and manages to avoid the onslaught.

Radiant Spider#3: A third spider scurries into the fray, breathing down at the first target it sees…Bart.

The flames get Bart dancing to put them out.

Radiant Spider#4: A fourth spider appears and spouts hell down on Bianca.

For the second time in a row the flames speed past you.

Rikard Castleberry hearing the combat near him frantically tries to get the skiff ready so he can help out.

Radiant Spider#5: Another spider speeds in and spits at Darren and he is burned for a wound and is shaken!

Darren withdraws again, he can feel his burns scrape against his wet clothes.
Darren sets down the two jars and escapes the area.

Radiant Spider#6: Another spider moves up and dances around a bit without flaming up the place.

Radiant Spider#7: A seventh spider appears and lights up Bianca point blank. Another miss.

Bianca’s defense holds tight.

Radiant Spider#8: Another spider, the eight, arrives and seems to be confused.



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