Savaged Kith'takharos

Session 38

A few hours ago Lady Salmissra gave an important speech. Since then Kith’takharos has been abuzz with speculation, excitement and revelry. After being put off for some time you have all gathered for an evening of dining under the stars on the Jade Lead grounds with Dorian, Yavanna and her assistant.

Rikard Castleberry: “Well then, that was an interesting speech.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Good food though.”
Reess Whitesmith works with a mortar and pestle grinding up some sort of paste in between bites.
Bart watches Li’l Mother chase fireflies.
Darren sighs “Mr. Whitesmith…is it? Must you toil at the dinner table amongst such fine company?”
Reess Whitesmith: “Yes.”
Dorian Orsova pushes his chair back and lights a rolled cigar.
Darren shakes out his napkin and folds it neatly into his lap.
Reess Whitesmith: “Bart, if your cat can catch some of those fireflies, I could use em.”
Rikard Castleberry: “So Dorian, what do you make of what we told you about Samsolon?”
Yavanna shakes her head. “After all that, you ignore the most singular event.”
Dorian Orsova: “I am sorry I was late to dinner and I appreciate that you could all make it. Let me first say how much your efforts are appreciated. In honor of your accomplishments Lady Salmissra has offered to cover all expenses of Mistress Bianca. She has also arranged for her stay under Cylene’s roof at no further expense. It’s a damn shame how she was treated.”
Bart: “Catching them will not be a problem, how chewed up do you need them?”
Rikard Castleberry: “My mind has a very interesting pathway it takes.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Ask Bart.”
Bart: “It is hard to track sometimes.”
Darren: “It is clear this Samsolon intended to kill or at the very least, seriously maim her…how dreadful a man must he be.”
Dorian Orsova: “I’d better beg off on that until after Yavanna has spoken her mind.”
Yavanna: “Chasing a bunch of undead is well and good, and I suppose worthwhile, but what of that Swamp Man warrior? Had you not the presence of mind to collect him and bring him here?”
Rikard Castleberry: “We have some of the things he had on him. We probably would have collected the body, except someone burned down our skiff.”
Darren: “Are you speaking of the fight between the insect thing and an ancient swamp man warrior?”
Darren: “At the ruins?”
Darren looks confused
Yavanna: “How many other Swamp Man warriors did you meet? Of course!”
Rikard Castleberry chuckles to himself
Darren: “Well we brought you his weapon…and by the looks of its material, it appears to be made of the same dark metal as Rikard’s Spear.”
Reess Whitesmith looks up to Yavanna, then realizes he hasn’t the foggiest idea what she is talking about, picks up his knife and pokes a hole in his finger.
Dorian Orsova inhales deeply and blows out what could only be described as “smoke blobs” though it is apparent he tried to create rings.
Reess Whitesmith squeezes a few drops of blood into the stone bowl, while trying to pay attention to the conversation.
Yavanna hefts a leather sack of coin onto the table. “Young man, can I convince you to fetch the body?”
Rikard Castleberry: “Yavanna, did Bianca still have a small pouch on her when she was brought in?”
Bart shakes his head at the “blood magic” and picks up some of the downed fireflies.
Yavanna: “What? I have no idea.”
Rikard Castleberry: “She was in possession of a pouch of something or another we lifted from its body. I do not know the contents.”
Darren hearing some coin jingle in her sack “Well, it was a dangerous place… but there was something about the fight with the undead that has irked me a great deal.”
Yavanna: “I hate to resort to such base means as money. The quest for knowledge should be enough to satisfy any thinking person. But some people have…ah…other priorities.”
Dorian Orsova smiles at Yavanna’s awkward statement.
Bart: “I did not sense their spirits. It was if they were just puppets. “
Bart hands Reese the stunned fireflies.
Reess Whitesmith drops them into his bowl and continues the mashing.
Yavanna: “In fact, I have come to learn that simple coin sometimes speeds the quest for knowledge.”
Rikard Castleberry: “It’s true, they were very brittle.”
Bart: For your spear. “It seemed to disrupt them.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Castleberry, you save anything else besides that pouch from the swamp man?”
Darren: "Well money does help to pay the rent my lady.”
Dorian Orsova starts to say something at Yavanna’s comment and stops, perhaps thinking better of it.
Yavanna: “But it is not enough?”
Rikard Castleberry: “A sword, and a shield. Shield didn’t look anything special, but the sword does.”
Bart: “You rent your home?”
Darren: “Well there is upkeep, traveling expenses; living in Kith’takharos without a benefactor is not exactly…cheap.”
Reess Whitesmith pours some of his whiskey into the stone bowl and stirs it with the “spoon” he was eating with.
Reess Whitesmith: “Where are those now?”
Yavanna leans back in her chair. “And those expensive perfumes and such help you run through the coin a little faster, eh?”
Reess Whitesmith snorts.
Rikard Castleberry: “Not sure about the shield. The sword is right here, of course. I don’t let things like that out of my sight if I can help it.”
Dorian Orsova: “When you say ‘disrupt’ what do you mean?”
Darren: “We will not always be so spry to travel the swamps in the faithful service of Kith’takharos…I also look to the future for my…retirement.”
Yavanna spreads her arms. “Count it. I suspect you will find the quantity acceptable.”
Darren nods, leans forward collecting the bag and begins to count the coins.
Bart: “Samsolon’s weapon seemed to bring about and control the fowl creatures, Rikard’s seemed to destroy the creatures and the magic.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Yes, it seems as though there is more to it than just extra pretty and unique.”
Reess Whitesmith spoons the red black liquid into a small glass bottle and set it on the table.
Dorian Orsova: “When you say destroy; you make it sound different from kill.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Interesting. Powerful weapons it seems.”
Darren: “I do have one more request…our boat was destroyed in the altercation…I realize that they do not come easy or cheaply. It would help us a great deal if we were commissioned another, with another heavy crossbow and ammunition.”
Bart: “That is because it was different. When I “killed” one it fell like any other creature. When Rikard did it disappeared.”
Darren looks to Dorian.
Rikard Castleberry: “They didn’t bleed, or even lose limbs and keep going. They just….stopped. Sometimes they crumpled. Sometimes they just….dissolved.”
Rikard Castleberry: “It was very, hmm.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Final is the word.”
Yavanna turns to Dorian. “You have many boats. Can’t they have just one?”
Dorian Orsova: “Alas I don’t have one to spare. Well equipped skiffs are not something we stock up on. But Reess has a decent skiff from what I understand?”
Darren: “Then a heavy crossbow then.
Reess Whitesmith raises an eyebrow at Dorian.
Darren: “Or should I say, a mounted crossbow.”
Dorian Orsova seems to think on it a moment.
Darren: “But I do have something to add on the discussion of these undead…”
Dorian Orsova: “Reess, if you’d like I could have my engineers take a look at your skiff to see if it would handle such a fitting?”
Reess Whitesmith: “I think some sort of flame retardant would be more appropriate.”
Rikard Castleberry: “You have absolutely no idea how good of an idea that would be.”
Darren: “For it was not only the undead that appeared to wither away or turn into black soup at the touch of Rikard’s weapon…the poachers or henchmen did as well, which was different than how they responded to my crossbow bolts.”
Dorian Orsova: “Well I’ve never been asked that before, but perhaps my engineers have. I’ll have them look into it.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Those poachers didn’t feel like normal humans. They felt….wrong.”
Bart: “Were the poachers alive? They did not seem to have free will.”
Darren: “Marked men never have free will…I’ve heard of something like this before…somewhere.”
Rikard Castleberry: “It’s possible they were controlled, but they didn’t even react to me when I was slaughtering them.”
Rikard Castleberry: “They just kept on Bianca.”
Bart: “Darren, You claim knowledge of antiquities, do you know anything of Samsolon’s Weapon?”
Dorian Orsova: “I am swimming in your efforts to blurt it out first. Let’s go at a pace more suited to a sultry evening in the swamp.”
Reess Whitesmith holds a bone over one of the flames and begins to sketch a skiff with the carbon on a napkin.
Dorian Orsova: “So, what I’m to understand is that Rikard’s weapon evaporated the enemies, seemingly under the control of this surviving Constantine?”
Darren: “That is exactly how it appeared from where I was.”
Darren: “I know this because several undead ran right by me and gave me not a second glance.”
Darren: “Immediately after, they were obviously intent on harming Bianca solely and deliberately.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Yes, but they didn’t feel like humans when I hit them, they felt different.”
Darren: “It was not difficult to understand that much.”
Dorian Orsova: “Well, you were there, so I’ll take your word on it. Rikard, I’d like to arrange to have Yavanna borrow your weapon for the night. Fair enough?”
Rikard Castleberry: “The sword or the spear?”
Yavanna: “Both.”
Darren turns to Bart
Rikard Castleberry: “Of course. After all, you loaned it to me in the first place.”
Darren: “To answer your query, my expertise is in ancient writings and languages.”
Yavanna: “Really? Where did you go to school?”
Darren: “It was passed down by my Mother.”
Darren: “Our home was literally filled with old things.”
Yavanna: “Your mother taught you? What was her name?”
Reess Whitesmith quickly finishes his sketch of the skiff with the crossbow, fully dimensioned in views from the top, side, and back. Then hands it to Dorian.
Dorian Orsova: “If you’ll all excuse me for a moment, I’ll return shortly.”
Darren: “Corinna Thorgaresh.”
Reess Whitesmith: “That should do it.”
Bart: “Didn’t he also have a gem in his head?”
Yavanna: “I don’t recall the name. What did she publish? Perhaps I can send downriver for her books.”
Dorian Orsova stands, collecting the two weapons and walks into the main hall. Guards nod as he passes in.
Rikard Castleberry: “Who had a gem Bart?”
Bart: “Didn’t Samsolon?”
Rikard Castleberry: “I couldn’t tell you, he went invisible before I got too close. “
Rikard Castleberry: “I’m beginning to get very upset at people that can do that.”
Darren: “She wrote several books on ancient writings, rubbings, drawings and her Journals.”
Rikard Castleberry: “First Hoyt, and now Constantine.”
Yavanna: “Do you have copies?”
Darren: “I have her originals; she gave up her digging days a long time ago.”
Reess Whitesmith picks up his bottle of goo and shakes it. Suddenly the contents turn clear.
Darren: “Alas, they were never published though, there are volumes.”
Reess Whitesmith continues eating using the spoon the he stirred the goo with.
Rikard Castleberry: “Um. Is that spoon sanitary?”
Yavanna leans forward, eyes blazing intensely enough to bore holes through Darren’s head. “You are playing with me, sir. You know that I must read them.”
Rikard Castleberry: “By the way Bart, we never really talked about what happened after you were stuck near Samsolon. What did he say to you?”
Darren smiles at Yavanna and leans back smoothly “Well, I am certain that such a thing can be arranged my lady?”
Darren salutes her with his wine glass and takes a small sip.
Dorian Orsova returns with a scabbard holding a sword. He passes it to Rikard with ease as he retakes his seat.
Dorian Orsova: “That ought to protect you should you need it during the dark hours of this night. Please return it in morning when you pick up yours.”
Rikard Castleberry nods to Dorian.
Yavanna: “You would not withhold such valuable knowledge!”
Reess Whitesmith: “Thorgaresh, you probably should just share what you have. She’s never steered me wrong before. She has forgotten more than I will ever know.”
Yavanna: “Some things are sacred and must not be soiled with coin!”
Bart: “He did not explain anything. Kept talking about our ignorance but gave me nothing to understand. I am glad that he did not make me kill you all.”
Rikard Castleberry: “I am glad for that as well Bart.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Dorian. There is the matter of yet another dangerous caster about. This is starting to become a pattern.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Do you think Samsolon and Lenar are connected or just coincidence?”
Bart: “Should we visit the Shaman?”
Darren: “Oh, but they are sacred…they are filled with the writings, findings, unearthings of my mother’s life. Because of her teachings I only require a short amount of text or spoken language before I can understand the syntax.”
Dorian Orsova: “Who can say? Though I’ve never heard of this yellow gem on either Constantine or Hoyt.”
Yavanna: “I’m sure a fine scholar like your mother would have wanted this great knowledge set free into the world. You must not hinder her legacy. By God, they will know her name from Port Lissup to Latrevar.”
Dorian Orsova focuses on Darren for a sharp second and says, "Boy, you don’t want to get her too upset. Enough is enough. Either you can produce these books or you’re talking out your ass. Please state which it is.
Rikard Castleberry: “I think we need to keep following your spirits Bart. When danger is on your trail, you know that you’re on the right path for answers.”
Rikard Castleberry: “At least, that’s what I always think.”
Bart: “Then we forget about Samsolon and Hoyt for now and head for Harlass Orn?”
Darren: "Oh I can produce these books but I want her to understand that they cannot be reproduced. She may read them, take notes if she must but the information contained therein must stay with her.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Yes Bart. I feel that is where the answers lie.”
Dorian Orsova smiles.
Reess Whitesmith: “Never forget about Hoyt. He can be anywhere you don’t want him to be.”
Rikard Castleberry: “I won’t ever forget him. I left him with something to remember me by, but there’s no use worrying about it. If he shows up, he shows up.”
Yavanna: “That is not a very scholarly sentiment, son. No doubt your mother would be horrified and would paddle your bottom cheeks like a child if she heard such nonsense.”
Dorian Orsova laughs aloud, “I am always amazed when a woman gets what she wants and has room on her lips to thanks and castigate at the same time.”
Darren: “Well, if she knew I took them at all, I am sure a paddled bottom would be the least of my worries Milady.”
Darren smiles and winks at Yavanna before taking another sip of wine
Yavanna stares at Darren for a few seconds. “Very well, I assent to your terms.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Interesting indeed.”
Dorian Orsova: “So come morning, I’ll have your weapons back to you. My engineers will need some time with the skiff, so I am going to loan you one should you decide to go get what Yavanna wants. Anything else we need to deal with?”
Rikard Castleberry: “How badly is this craziness with the guild going to end?”
Darren: “There are a few other things I feel are important but we can only do one thing at a time.”
Darren: “What news is there about the Flaming Spiders?”
Reess Whitesmith flips open the brass plate clasping his cloak together and inserts the glass bottle, then closes it.
Dorian Orsova smiles broadly, “I don’t think it is going to end badly at all. Of the two hundred or so Transit Guild members that arrived recently, over 30 have already taken us up on the offer and it’s only been eight hours. Tomorrow is going to cramp my hand for sure.”
Dorian Orsova: “As for the spiders, we have interdicted the area. No one in, no one out unless upon my orders.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Orsova, when I rescued these guys, on our way back we were directed around an area like it was off limits. What the hell was that about? Nearly mistook your men as brigands and took em out.”
Reess Whitesmith: “That the area?”
Rikard Castleberry: That’s about as good an idea as any, until it can be sorted out properly.”
Dorian Orsova: “Likely, though I’ve not heard a recent report yet.”
Darren: “Very good…and what about Yavanna’s missing…items…any word?”
Bart: “Just kill them”
Dorian Orsova: “We are not going to “just kill” them. Their silks are valuable and they protect an ancient ruin. When the time is right Yavanna will explore them.”
Dorian Orsova: “To answer Darren in a word…no. We’ve found out nothing about Yavanna’s loss as of yet.”
Darren motions for Dorian to lean in so that he can whisper to him.
Dorian Orsova eyes go wide but he complies.
Yavanna: “Oh, one more thing. Do you have any more of those stone cubes removed from the towers?”
Rikard Castleberry grins at Yavanna.
Rikard Castleberry: “Of course we do.”
Darren leans back and relaxes.
Yavanna: “Ah, I must ask you to hand them over to me. We are collecting them for the security of Kith’takharos.”
Dorian Orsova leans back away from Darren with a perplexed look on his face, but says nothing more about whatever was said.
Rikard Castleberry: “The security? Is there a problem with the towers?”
Darren: “I am concerned for these are extremely important, should more be stolen.”
Yavanna: “Not if we have the cubes.”
Darren: “Could the magic be duplicated?”
Yavanna: “The Jade Leaf will take on that concern. After all, it is our duty.”
Bart: “We would need them to follow Hoyt or whomever.”
Rikard Castleberry: “It’s magic, of course it can be duplicated. Just as it was once created.”

A man with a wide brim hat makes his way from the docks into the barracks. Those familiar with him would recognize him as Federico, an associate of Meryl Dunestal.

Yavanna: “We can discuss that should the event occur. In the meantime, I ask you to hand them over to me.”
Darren clears his throat "Has there been any word of Meryl?”
Yavanna appears agitated. “So will you provide the cubes or not?”
Reess Whitesmith: “I suggested to Culand that Bianca takes a look closer at the cubes during her recovery. It would help you unravel some of their secrets and it would give her purpose.”
Dorian Orsova looks over at the barracks and smiles, though his response is unrelated, “Do you have cubes. If so, please give them to Yavanna.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Of course, they should be in Bianca’s bag.”
Bart: “I may have some cubes. Not with me. I don’t think I have any extra.”
Darren sighs, “I do not have any cubes.”
Rikard Castleberry: “You know how she is about holding onto such things.”
Yavanna: “Extra? Even one should be considered extra.”
Dorian Orsova: “Excellent, I’ll send Christophe on our behalf to gather the cubes into our protection.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Are we done here then? I have to get back to work.”
Bart: “Huh?”
Dorian Orsova: “Yes, just bring the cubes in the morning. I’ll send Christophe to talk to Mistress Bianca tonight.”
Dorian Orsova: “I shouldn’t have to ask, but I will. Will you be retrieving the body of the Swamp Man?”
Reess Whitesmith: “Ok, I will see you guys here at sunrise so we can do just that. Have the skiff ready.”
Darren: “I think that is a worthwhile endeavor if it helps Yavanna.”
Darren: “Dorian, before you leave, may I ask a favor?”
Rikard Castleberry: “If it’s still there. Can’t promise that some swamp animals have taken it away.”
Bart: “The cubes?”
Dorian Orsova: “I will have my men prepare a skiff. I expect it will be ready because I will order it so.”
Dorian Orsova: “Yes, Bart, the cubes.”
Dorian Orsova: “Yes, Darren?”
Darren: “Would it be possible for Federico to be tailed…his comings and goings marked?”
Dorian Orsova: “As it would for any man, I suppose it would. May I ask why you worry about Federico?”
Reess Whitesmith: “I will be by later tonight if my skiff is going to be worked on. I will want to make sure it is done right.”
Darren: “I am suspicious of the Transit guild, I am not certain but I believe they have a site away from Kith’takharos that they are…working out of.”
Dorian Orsova: “Your skiff will be worked on but it is going to take days if not longer to outfit and prepare what you desire, I don’t have a timeline. Maybe in a few days we will know more. That is why I’ll have a skiff prepared for you in morning.”
Bart: “So are we not going to Harlass Orn?”
Dorian Orsova: What makes you think they are operating outside of Kith’takharos proper?”
Reess Whitesmith sighs, clearly disappointed.
Darren: “If you would do this favor for me, I would greatly appreciate it.”
Bart: Why would we antagonize the Swamp men?”
Reess Whitesmith stands and picks up his tools and nods to Dorian and Yavanna. Then he leaves.
Dorian Orsova: “Ah I understand. You want me to have Federico followed. I can do better than that. He works for Meryl who has taken up a sanctioned operation on behalf of Lady Salmissra under the auspices of this prestigious order. It is well handled, Darren.”
Darren smiles and nods feeling better of the situation
Bart: “I would recommend leaving the body alone.”
Dorian Orsova looks to Yavanna at Bart’s line of questioning.
Darren raises an eyebrow at Bart…wondering if he knows something.
Yavanna: “If you encounter any Swamp Men, offer them the body. Give it up freely in the spirit of good will. If not, well, your skiff will just happen to arrive here.”
Darren smiles at her suggestion
Bart: “I am not a pup to be talked down to. In saving this city we developed a relationship with the swamp men. A trust. Bringing one of their warriors here "by accident’ would be no better than bringing one of your men who fell in battle to them.”
Yavanna: “What makes you think he is a Swamp Man? “
Yavanna: “Well, you may choose to perform this task or not. If not, I’ll need back that bag of coin. No hard feelings.”
Bart: “I never take the coin anyway.”
Darren clears his throat.
Darren: “Bart…to be honest, there was no heraldry or evidence upon him that he belonged to any clan we know of.”
Bart: “We are not mistaking him for a human. If he is of some importance, you could be asking for war again.”
Darren tries to recount the Warriors last words.
Darren: “Well, the last thing I remembered form that encounter anyway was "Tarass Shar Orn…Ossan Tshalissi-urh.”
Dorian Orsova perks up as the words are spoken.
Darren touches his chest and whispers a few words.
Dorian Orsova: “Yavanna I caught city out of that, what is the rest, do you understand it?”
Darren understands the translation.
Darren thinks a moment.
Rikard Castleberry doesn’t understand any of it.
Yavanna: “Oh, yes.”
Darren: “The city of dreams, free the sleepers.”
Darren: “Yes…I do believe that is correct.”
Darren says half in thought.
Yavanna smiles, “I’m glad you weren’t pulling my dwarven leg, son.”
Bart: “Yes, That is what I have been talking about.”
Darren: “I wonder if this mention of sleepers has anything to do with the nightmares that I have heard tell of recently.”
Reess Whitesmith goes back to his humble home and stokes the furnace to begin working on a new metal object of some sort. Maybe something like a mask, maybe.
Dorian Orsova: “Well, now we have more to learn. The inflection seemed different somehow. It is not the same as any Swamp Man I’ve spoken to.”
Rikard Castleberry: “There is much we can learn by going back out there.”
Darren: “Certainly no modern dialect.”
Yavanna: “No, indeed, Mr. Thorgaresh. Not modern at all.”
Dorian Orsova: “The hour grows late. Yavanna has much study to accomplish tonight. Before I go I have one remaining question. Will you be retrieving the body, or shall I send others?”
Darren clears his throat and speaks in that same Tongue: (“In the morning, we shall be here.”)
Rikard Castleberry glances at Bart.
Bart: “I’m not doing it.”
Darren: “Unless Bart objects?”
Rikard Castleberry: “Do you have anyone else you can send to pick it up? I’m sure it will be easy for someone to pick up.”
Darren looks disappointed and slides back over the coin.
Dorian Orsova: “I will ask you to keep this conversation and all its myriad paths to yourselves. I have enjoyed my time spent with each of you this evening. In the morning return with the cubes and my sword. I’ll have Rikard’s weapons ready. It also seems as if there will be no need at this time to work on Master Reess’s skiff. Until tomorrow.”
Dorian Orsova turns and walks away talking low with Yavanna and Christophe.
Darren: “Ok, meet at my home after breakfast?”

The sun rises at its appointed hour.

Rikard Castleberry wakes up, happily still alive.
Reess Whitesmith is waiting at the jade leaf as was stated when he left.
Bart checks on the recovering Bianca before meeting the rest of the group.

Upon arrival you are all lead into a private conference room where you are met by Yavanna and Dorian again.

Rikard Castleberry hands Dorian his sword back.
Darren checks to make sure he has all of his gear…he is wearing no perfume today.
Rikard Castleberry: “Thanks for the loan; thankfully it was unneeded last night.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Bart, you appear well rested.”
Bart: “As do you. I am ready to depart.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Morning Orsova.”
Reess Whitesmith nods to the others.
Dorian Orsova: “Good morning. Let’s not waste time I’ve much to do today.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Agreed.”
Dorian Orsova: “Federico has looked at the weapons at the request of Yavanna. He will now tell you what he knows.”
Federico: “Gentlemen, good to see you again. Sorry to hear about Mistress Bianca. Know that I will inform Meryl when I see him. He will be pleased that you brought her back alive after such a mauling.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Yes, better alive than dead.”
Federico: “Now let’s get onto these weapons. They are amazingly old. If I had to put down why I stay in this place it would boil down to finds such as these.”
Federico: “Speaking of which, Meryl wanted me to ask for his loaned object. Do you happen to have it on you?”
Rikard Castleberry: “No, sorry, I was never in possession of it. I’m not good with those sorts of objects.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Bianca asked Bart to carry it, but whether he took it from her I did not see. She may have it still.”
Bart: “I leave things in trees.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Then she has it.”
Federico: Anyhow. “Yes. The double-tipped spear has a name in the ancient tongue of the Swamp Men.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Do you mean, Chal’Far Fal D’orn?”
Federico: “They call it a Chal’Far Fal D’orn, which has no translation that makes sense to me or Yavanna.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Who’s ‘They’?”
Federico: “It is made of a curious metal as you might know. The same metal as the sword there.”
Federico: “By ‘they’, I mean ancient Swamp Men.”
Federico: “Anyhow, where was I? Right.”
Bart: “Darren, Have you any idea as to its meaning?”
Darren: “It has no discernible meaning that I can make out.”
Rikard Castleberry: “I just call it my spear.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Continue Federico.”
Federico: “Right.”
Federico: “So this double spear if you will has the singular special ability to destroy the ancient enemies of the Swamp Men.”
Rikard Castleberry: “So, those poachers were really ancient swamp man enemies?”
Federico: “There are a few surviving specimens of this dark silver metal but no written knowledge to speak of remains. I think the ancient Swamp Men were more accustomed to an oral tradition.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Gah let him finish, hold your questions till the end.”
Reess Whitesmith immediately realizes the irony of what he said having asked a question himself.
Reess Whitesmith whispers to Rikard “sorry.”
Rikard Castleberry shrugs at Reess.
Reess Whitesmith: “May I?”
Federico: “Based on the tales you spoke of and my examination I believe both of these weapons are tuned into the same enemy. Though they seem to have different enchantments. The double tipped spear for example is a killer. Its whole purpose was to eradicate this enemy, whatever it was.”
Reess Whitesmith holds out a hand.
Federico: “The sword was also designed to combat the same enemy but in a different way. As to what that way might be I am at a loss. Perhaps with observation of it in use such as you saw, you could give me more information. Tell me about how it was used by that Swamp Man?”
Rikard Castleberry: “He didn’t last very long; I personally don’t remember anything very unique.”
Rikard Castleberry: “As usual, I just charged in to help.”
Darren: “Hmm, the creature was strong and the swamp man appeared to be in a desperate fight.”
Darren: “I believed he cut off its tail.”
Darren: “Or the pointed part of it anyway.”
Darren: “It reminded me of an insect or lizard of some kind.”
Bart: “Do we know if the lizect was an enemy of the swamp men?”
Darren: “When he stuck the blade in it, it vanished.”
Darren: “Was that correct Bart?”
Bart: “It is a blur as to what happened.”
Federico: “Well, that is something. There is another thing though about this sword, it seems to be much weaker in aura than the double spear. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d say the magic invested in it is fading.”
Darren: “Well what do you make of the event itself?”
Federico shakes his head.
Darren: “Two creatures locked in battle, appearing like that.”
Federico: “I don’t know what to make of it. It seems surreal to me to even think about such things that could pop in and out.”
Darren: “It was as though it appeared for no other reason than to give us its message.”
Dorian Orsova: “Well, I hope you benefit from this information. Now, did you manage to bring me those cubes?”
Federico sits down at Dorian’s voice.”
Bart: “I don’t have mine here.”
Bart: “I didn’t leave the city last night to retrieve them.”
Rikard Castleberry: “I have the cubes Dorian, but there is a concern. If someone goes into those towers, we will be completely unable to help.”
Dorian Orsova: “Should the need arise to use them on our behalf, you would be provided for, as we always provide for our agents.”
Dorian Orsova: “Bart, I’m going to ask you to retrieve them. Is now too soon?”
Bart: “Yep.”
Rikard Castleberry open up his backpack, fumbles around in it for a minute.
Dorian Orsova looks down at papers in front of him for a brief moment before responding.
Dorian Orsova face hardens.
Rikard Castleberry pulls out a cloth wrapped around one of each cube and hands it to Dorian.
Reess Whitesmith: “So let me get this straight. Hoyt has these cubes and can whizz around these towers, and if we are to go capture him and are on his heels we have to come back to here and get the cubes from you before we can continue? Gee I hope he waits for us there then.”
Dorian Orsova: “Bart, would you say I’ve been unfair to you? Are my requests such a burden upon your shoulders? Last night and this morning you are making it clear that you don’t agree with me.”
Darren looks at Bart and Reess.
Dorian Orsova: “At least not on the point of the spiders and now these cubes. The fact of the matter is you don’t have to agree. You need only obey. I want you to get up and go get those cubes and return them to me. If you can’t do this thing I am asking of you, I’ll listen to your reasoning before I lock you up.”
Federico looks quite nervous as he leans back in his chair slightly.
Bart: “Yes, I consider your request unwise. It is not a burden on my shoulders, just unwise. I have made an enemy of someone who can travel through these towers. The only way I can follow is with these cubes. I am not one of your soldiers. We have worked together because our goals are similar but they are not the same. You can lock me up but that gains you nothing and loses you an ally or you can trust me to use my property wisely for the benefit of all.”
Darren is certain he has never heard Bart speak that many words before.
Federico stands and back away towards the door.
Reess Whitesmith: “Wait Federico, I want to ask you something before you go.”
Dorian Orsova: “No. You will answer nothing, Federico. Leave now and thank you for your service.”
Dorian Orsova stands.
Dorian Orsova: “Your arrogance disgusts me. You will forgive me if I take my leave of you. Gather your things and go.”
Dorian Orsova leaves the room after Federico.

The door shuts softly after his exit.

Reess Whitesmith: “Well I agree with you Bart…for what it’s worth.”
Darren nods clenching his lips shut.
Darren: “Well that could have gone better.”
Bart: “I think I have worn out my welcome. I did not mean to be arrogant.”
Darren: “These Jade Leaf Types are used to getting their own way.”
Reess Whitesmith: “He is used to getting his way.”
Darren: “If those cubes fall into enemy hands, we may never get a chance at Hoyt.”
Rikard Castleberry shrugs and puts his cubes back in his backpack.
Reess Whitesmith: “Well, the day is very young and seeing as how it seems we are not going out I am going to go get my skiff back from them.”
Bart: “They are already in enemy hands.”
Darren: “Well, we know this.”
Darren: “However, he wouldn’t have asked if he didn’t need them.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Need is relative.”
Reess Whitesmith stands up and gathers his things.
Darren: “Well, let us depart from here, while we are not behind bars.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Looks like you guys are currently unemployed. Call me if you get a job lined up.”
Reess Whitesmith goes off to get his skiff back.
Darren: “Well…don’t we have some place to go, Bart?”
Rikard Castleberry: “Yes. We should go back to do what we were going to do anyways.”
Reess Whitesmith starts down by the docks and asks for it to be returned immediately.
Bart: “Yes we were going to Harlass Orn.”

The skiff is as ready to go as when you docked it.

Darren heads toward the door and opens it…gesturing them to head out.
Rikard Castleberry collects his weapons, buckling them and his pack on, reassured by the familiar weight.
Reess Whitesmith approaches his skiff and prepares to leave.

At the skiff a familiar dwarven guard moves away from the others towards Reess as he gets on his skiff.

Kremson, Dwarf Guard: “Good morning, Reess.”
Reess Whitesmith: “Morning…Kremson?”
Kremson, Dwarf Guard: “Dorian has requested your entrance chit.”
Kremson, Dwarf Guard holds out his stumpy hand.
Reess Whitesmith fumbles into his pocket for the wooden disk. Snaps it in half between his fingers and hands them to Kremson.
Reess Whitesmith: “You may want to consider looking for a new employer.”
Kremson, Dwarf Guard: “Well then. Take care.”
Reess Whitesmith begins to pole away.

Guards await the rest of you at the gate. One of them asks for your chits.

Bart hands his chit over.
Rikard Castleberry shrugs.
Rikard Castleberry hands the guard his chit and moves on.

Lead Guard: “Thank you gentlemen.” He turns towards Darren, the last holdout.
Reess Whitesmith can be seen poling his skiff out of the compound.
Darren: “I was going to re apply for a new one, mine was taken when last I entered on my own and never returned.”
Lead Guard: “I have orders to put anyone who resists into shackles. If you don’t have the chit, I am going to follow my orders. Will you surrender the chit?”

Other guards are preparing surreptiously for action.

Darren holds out his hands “I don’t have it and I am surprised at how I am being treated.”
Lead Guard: “Allow me to apologize in advance for your discomfort. Men, arrest him.”

Two guards move towards Darren. Slowly and cautiously.

Rikard Castleberry: “Um.”
Bart: Darren, “You know you can talk Dorian into giving it back once he’s cooled down.”
Darren: “Yes, but Dorian never gave me another after he took mine.”
Darren: “I guess I’m arrested.”

The two guards move in close.
With the third guard standing next to you as well.

Darren whispers a few words.
Darren disappears right in front of everyone.

They reach out to grab Darren and suddenly, Darren is gone.



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