Savaged Kith'takharos

Session 41

Last week you entered and found Samsolon dead. Reess didn’t leave anything to chance and decapitated him on the spot. Soon after an archaeologist from Kith’takharos arrived suggesting things be left alone. Since then metalline constructs are attacking with no sign of being tame museum artifacts.

Round 3

Ian Aedan takes careful aim and lets loose an arrow. His arrow strikes true, hitting something vital on the statue and causing it to shudder to a stop. A tear rolls down his cheek, “Forgive me!”

The original metal statue continues moving and inserts its tail into a wall socket with a loud “PANK!”
Immediately after, a new pair of eyes light up in a cul-de-sac.

Bart wields his spear with enough skill to (hopefully) hit the tail of the now downed beast in an attempt to remove its tail.
Bart’s spear tip slashes into the inert tail, splitting some armor plate to the side.
Darren holds his action.
Reess Whitesmith tries again in vain to lightning bolt the statues, but does only superficial damage.

The closest metal statue moves in at Rikard risking the longer weapon. This draws an attack from him.
Rikard’s attack lands in the perfect spot, briefly stunning the creature.
The creature recovers and attacks Rikard with its tail and claw.
Both tail and claw fail to yield results that matter.
Rikard Castleberry spins away slightly, glancing the blows off of his armor.

Darren takes the opportunity to act.
Darren yells, "Does anyone else think that these things do not belong here!? Rikard, forget that one, get the one unlocking these things or its going to get crowded in here!”
Darren levels his crossbow and takes aim at the one closest to him…he attempts to shoot it in one of the glowing eyes.
Darren’s shot goes wild, bouncing off the armor.

Another metal statue rumbles out, this time placing Reess in danger.
Both tail and claw miss in its initial attempt to remove Reess’s throat.

Rikard Castleberry attacks the statue that rushed him, while yelling back, "Um, little busy here! Can’t you shoot it from there?”
Of 3 attacks, only one lands. This one seems tougher than any previously faced. Rikard slashes through more armor, but fails to yield lasting results.

Round 4

A metal statue engages Reess, hitting with both tail and claw!
The claw and tail work Reess in tandem leaving him off centered, and off balance.

Ian Aedan shoots at a statue and the arrow shatters off the heavy armor. Its eyes glance at the shooter then focus on Reess again.

Metal statue number two goes into overdrive attacking wildly with everything it has at its target- Rikard.
The strike is powerful, but Rikard manages to avoid the damage through sheer will.
The other claw and tail strike out but fail to hit.

Darren: “Rikard, if we don’t fall back to the entrance, people are going to get injured! Ian…Shoot at the one unlocking the others!”
Darren moves to get a better vantage at the farthest one.
The crossbow bolt strikes true and shatters on the tough armor. It continues moving forward.

Another metal statue attacks Bart. The claw misses, but the tail strikes home with a vicious swing.
However, Bart manages to roll with it, negating any damage.

Bart wishes he had time to finish his tail gathering but doesn’t know Reese’s abilities yet.
Bart strikes with the spear, but misses badly, still off balance from the tail swing.

Reess Whitesmith attacks with his rapier.
Reess Whitesmith is pleased with his strike.
Reess Whitesmith strikes the metal statue releasing another rust cloud upon the area. You all cough and find your vision obscured.

Rikard Castleberry continues to whack at the rusty bucket in front of him.
Rikard Castleberry attacks 3 times, hitting twice. Both hits were excellent, but the statue soaked up the damage like a sponge.

A new metal construct comes alive and hauls ass across the room. No one is more surprised than Bart to see it strike with its tail on arrival.
The tail misses driving a few splinters of rock loose from the roof above.

Round 5

Bart tries to spear the new one in response.
Bart’s strike is well placed and the new arrival is slightly off balance.
Ian Aedan’s shot hits the unit but doesn’t seem to finish it off, the lights are still on.
Ian Aedan shakes his puny fist
Bart: “Darren – Go plug the holes so we don’t get any more visitors.”

The original statue moves, turns a corner and the light quickly fades from view, though its steps may be heard receding into the distance.

Darren: God damnit!
Darren lurches forward in search of the traveling robot monster.
Darren runs like the wind, picks up the only reliable light source and runs deeper into the cave.
Rikard Castleberry continues his epic, marathon slugfest with his opponent, missing once, and hitting twice.
Rikard Castleberry feints the first shot and then severs one of its arms. A rust cloud puffs out making it hard to see and breathe, but the lights go out on unit 2.

The metal statue in front of Bart gets itself together but doesn’t have enough left to attack.

Reess Whitesmith attacks a construct, but misses.
Reess Whitesmith is not pleased with his whiff.

Round 6

Bart moves slightly to allow Rikard room and one again tries to deal damage to the massive beast.
Bart’s attack misses badly.

The statue in front of Bart strikes out and glances off the tip of his spear. Bart manages his own luck without the spirits.

Ian Aedan pulls back an arrow and shoots at a construct. The shot slams into the construct between plates near the elbow joint.

Splashing noises can be heard as the distant construct continues its movement…“PANK

Bart: “Darren – I’m still hearing Panks!”
Rikard Castleberry moves up to engage Bart’s creature.
Rikard Castleberry lands 1 solid hit out of 2, for a small result.
Reess Whitesmith attacks his statue, but misses, coughing up rust.
Darren: “Bart, I can’t see beyond the light and it went further into the cave…another is coming!”
Darren steps forward and backs himself up onto the rock stealthfully as if waiting to shoot at the one coming out of the corridor.
Darren raises his crossbow toward where its face would be.

The construct maintains its vision on Bart. It strikes out with 2 claws and a tail in a flurry of blows.
One claw slips through the tight defense and staggers Bart!

Round 7

Bart attempts to catch his breath, and then strikes out with his spear.
Bart stabs it solidly and puts it off balance, yet again.

The statue quickly recovers and comes back online.

Ian Aedan aims, and shoots at a statue. The arrow finds a niche between armored plates.
Darren follows up, and fires a bolt at the same statue. It hits perfectly, causing it to shut down and release more rust into the air.
Reess Whitesmith attacks his construct, scoring a solid hit. It is once again tilted, forcing it to try and stand straight.

A distant “PANK” may be heard.

Rikard Castleberry moves in for the finish on his battered opponent.
Rikard Castleberry swings 3 times, connecting with all 3 attacks!
Rikard batters the statue, gravely damaging it, releasing another rust cloud.

Round 8

PANK” followed by another “PANK” a few moments later, somewhere deeper in the cave.

Ian Aedan shoots an arrow, damaging a statue!

Another statue lashes out with its claw, but misses.

Rikard Castleberry coughs hard a couple times, expelling rust from his lungs as he dashes over to the new threat. This draws an attack from the creature!

It snaps out with its tail upon Rikard’s approach with a “Stop right there” move. Rikard is shaken!

Rikard Castleberry tries to snap back from the tail attack. He succeeds, but is unable to take any further action.
Bart: “I am not a fighter.”
Bart tries to pin the creature to the wall like a bug. The construct manages to avoid the attack.
Darren skillfully moves out from under a hulking swing. He then back flips just as a tail nears him. As soon as his feet are planted a safe distance away, he fires and stuns the creature!

More movement is heard from the opening in front of you.

Reess Whitesmith switches his rapier to his shield hand and rests a hand on his greatsword. Twisting it slightly as he pulls it out activating the Telekinetic power as he circles around the rust cloud. After Reess draws the sword, it hovers midair in front of him.

Round 9

A new construct appears on scene, rushing Rikard, drawing a free attack!
The attack proves useless, not even hitting the armor.
The construct begins laying blows on Rikard that bounce and do no damage.

Bart: “Why did everyone run away?”
Bart stabs again at the statue, but the blade fails to connect.
Rikard Castleberry decides 1 enemy is better than 3, and attacks the one that just ran up to him.
Rikard Castleberry lands 2 mighty hits on his enemy, causing it to go inert, and a cloud of rust blankets the area.

Metal statue number 9…eyes a new target…Bart.
The tail strikes, leaving Bart shaken!

Darren aims and fires at the one with the glowing eyes
Darren’s aim is good, and lands a solid shot.
Reess Whitesmith mentally flies the Greatsword over to the construct and attacks.
The sword swings wildly, missing the target.
Ian Aedan turns his bow to his next target, aims, and lets loose. Once again the arrow strikes true and damages something in the creature, causing its lights to go out.

From further away…“PANK”.

Round 10

Bart takes the moment of rest to gain his calm, and then gets the torch and tosses it forward.

Another distant “PANK” is heard.

A new construct arrives, and charges Rikard, drawing an attack! However, Rikard misses.
The new construct has better accuracy at its beck and call, Rikard is hit!
Although the hit is solid, Rikard manages to avoid any damage.

Rikard Castleberry swings back at the new arrival that so ungraciously charged him.
2 of his 3 swings land, but for no appreciable damage.
Rikard Castleberry sighs audibly at his less than stellar performance.

A construct attacks Ian, and lashes with its tail, but the attack is glancing, and leaves no lasting effects.

Ian Aedan’s eyes go wide as one of the constructs approaches and engages him, “Ahh! My works are trying to kill me!” He lets loose an arrow, thunking the creature solidly.
Darren runs like white fire toward the entrance, grabs a torch and heads back in a flash.
Reess Whitesmith makes his greatsword go whoosh, then attacks the construct. It hits, and makes the construct go clank clank whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…pop.



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