Savaged Kith'takharos

Session 42

Almost two full minutes of combat have passed and though the nameless metal constructs keep coming, there is a sense of equilibrium at the moment.

Round 11

As Bart closes in the metallic tail snaps out and misses.

Bart ducks out of the way attempting to spear the soulless creature. His spear strike fails to connect.

Darren says with a distressed voice as he pumps a bolt up into firing position “They just keep coming!”
Darren aims and fires.

Darren watches as his bolt strikes home just below its neck but appear to splinter into dust upon its armor.

Reess Whitesmith attacks with the floating greatsword and draws his rapier.
The greatsword swings and does little more than make a loud clank as it is easily deflected by the metal construct.

Rikard Castleberry tears into the only remaining foe he sees, the one right in front of him.
Rikard Castleberry steps into the mechanical beast, and creates a whirlwind of destruction and rust as he starts hewing parts left and right, must to the dismay of Ian, who looks on with his jaw gaping.

Rikard Castleberry: “Ok guys, we need to push on!”
Bart listens to try to judge the distance of the creatures.
Bart: “We do not have much time.”

From the distance another “Pank”.

Round 12

Bart: “Darren can you use a tail to kill these things?”

Reese Whitesmith runs up to get a good look around the corner. Eerily, his greatsword sweeps the path in front of him.

Bart: “The statues were splashing.”
Darren: “Bart, these are here for a reason, we should not be here…we got Samsolon; we should leave this place and come back better prepared!”
Bart: “Is that a no?”
Darren sets down a torch gently.

Heavy movement through water may be heard getting closer. Thump, thump, thump, thump…

Darren: “You ask me things I could not possibly know.”
Darren: “And I hear more coming.”
Bart: “If the tails unlock them could you use the tail to lock them back up?”
Darren: “If we get the one doing the unlocking, our problems will most likely be solved I should think.”
Bart tries to remove one of the tails from the living statues.

Bart’s swing bounces off the tail harmlessly. It looks like it could be cut off but it will take some good blows to get through that tough plated armor.

Darren steps forward with now only a single torch in his hand.
Darren: “Rikard, we need to press forward and get the one unlocking the others or get the hell out of here with Samsolon…I realize your having fun but I’m not god damnit!”
*Bar*t: “Tie a torch to the sword.”
Darren: “Well Ok, I’ll just run up there and do that.”


Darren: “Fuck!”

Rikard Castleberry climbs over the inert machines to head closer to the new sounds.
Rikard Castleberry suddenly finds a new machine after climbing, and takes 1 longer range stab at it.
Rikard Castleberry lands a blow, but it was ineffective at harming it.

Round 13

Another metal construct moves up the big stone stairs, dripping gallons of water. Then it strikes out with one of its claws, showing that it has range with all attacks for the first time!
Rikard’s superb armor absorbs the blow.

Darren sees the new threats and drops his torch immediately “No way am I getting close to these things, those tails look deadly.”
Darren squeezes off a shot thru the rusty mist at the one to his right.
Darren sees another bolt splinter against its heavy, metal armor.
Darren: “Reese, get the hell out of the way!”

Ian Aedan swings around to the rear of the group and raises his bow, letting loose an arrow. In his haste, however, he releases too soon and smacks the arrow into the wall.

Rikard Castleberry keeps up his distanced fight with his previous opponent. This time, his attack is ineffective.

The construct seems to be content to stay where it is at and lash out with both claws and tail at Rikard.
All three blows are close but deliver no pain.

Bart tries to trick the statue, distracting it by crawling under one of the disables statues and standing up, wearing it like a bear fur.
Bart sees that it is too heavy and wiggles it tail from underneath it.

Round 14

Heavy steps move towards your position and the hint of a glow may be seen deeper into the area at the bottom of the water covered steps.

Bart crawls out from under the heavy beast and collects a torch heading towards the battle.
Bart: “Shoot from behind the cover of the beasts.”

Another construct comes out heaving gallons of water down its mechanical legs. Rust and corrosion pock mock the area below the knees. It swats at the greatsword.
The greatsword is slammed hard and drops onto the ground, lifeless as the day it was made.

Reess Whitesmith: “The best part about that greatsword is that the sword itself is mundane.”

Three more blows rain down upon Rikard; Claw, claw, and poisoned tail.
From this distance things look to be quite the standoff and Rikard swipes aside the tail and claw, while dodging the other claw.

Reess Whitesmith holds his gauntlet up and lets another bolt fly. Some weird popping sounds happen and the glass vial shatters inside.

Construct 12 rains down 3 attacks on Rikard, but all 3 attacks miss!

Ian Aedan takes his time and raises the bow, peering down the shaft for a second longer then normal before firing. The arrow flies true and smacks its target (#11)

Darren breaths in hard sensing the tenseness in the air…He jolts forward and clamors up the stout legs of the immobile scorpion like statue
Darren supports himself with its elbow joint and fires.
The climb is precarious but successful. The head of the creature is very close to the ceiling.
The shot is spectacularly accurate but bounces right off the left eye.

Rikard Castleberry keeps up his attack on the central mech.
Rikard Castleberry is largely inefficient.

The closest dust cloud fades into the floor.

Round 15

Though the lightning looked to have damaged it, the construct moves up and tries to claw Rikard.
It strikes armor but is ineffectual.

A construct unleashes another round of blows at Rikard. All 3 attacks miss.

Another pounding pair of metal feet move towards you and this one’s glow may be seen from where you are at. It stands in murky water that extends up to just below its knee joint.
Then just about the time you take that in, another one moves up the stairs shedding water as it moves.
It lays into Reess, wildly attacking him, making him incapacitated!

Rikard Castleberry starts to feel the pressure of so many foes in front of him. Nothing to do but keep going and try to knock them down.
Rikard Castleberry finally connects with one hit after several whiffs.
Rikard Castleberry misses terribly with his first strike, then spins around and with his full force, slashes it deeply across its neck, cutting most of the way through, causing its lights to go out in a cloud of rust and metal.

Construct 11 lashes out at Rikard.
Another round of effort without results.


Rikard Castleberry: “God damn, how many more can there be?”

Ian Aedan darts forward, raising his bow and letting loose an arrow. It strikes the target between two plates and sticks firmly. “I know I’ve just met you all, and I hate to presume, but unless you’re enjoying this tedious back and forth bashing…Perhaps we should find their source? And quickly?”

Darren quickly surveys the area…seeing Reese in great danger and knowing Rikard is holding strong he shifts, aims and fires
Darren sees his bolt hit but has no idea if it hurt it.

Bart moves back towards the fray carefully watching the beasts to determine how they sense us.

Round 16

Another construct climbs the stairs with uncanny speed, water shedding in pools as it reaches the top step. Then it strikes out with a tail at Ian!

Bart: “Let’s back up to a more defensible position.”
Rikard Castleberry: “Yes, we need to arrange this better for us. “
Darren: “Tactics would be better at the beginning, not during the fighting….and Reese has just fallen!”
Rikard Castleberry: “Can you drag him behind me?”

Another one rumbles up the stairs.

Darren concentrates for a moment and casts a spell whispering, "Amin Annae Amin a’ I’ dae.”
Darren disappears, then jumps down and moves as quietly as possible fully aware of the danger around him.

The next thing you see is amazing; Reess starts to drag across the floor!

Bart defends himself to the best of his ability as he blocks the way allowing the rest of his party to escape.

A construct in front of Rikard relentlessly continues its assault. The assault proves ineffective.

Rikard Castleberry tries to grab the attention of number 15, to keep it from looking in Reess’s direction. By attacking, of course, adding in an insult.
The attack glances off the statues armor.


Ian Aedan starts to retreat and fires an arrow at #14, with predictable results. “Hrmph…”

Round 17

Ian Aedan pauses, aims, and fires again. His arrow smacks into the construct and sends a cloud of rust into the air. He nods approvingly at his bow, “Well done, you’ll get extra care tonight.”

Bart drops the torch at his feet allowing him to switch grips upon his spear and attack from his position.


Rikard Castleberry keeps attacking his previous target.
Rikard Castleberry does nothing with his one hit.

This time the “Pank” noise is close to the bottom of the stairs leading into the water…

Bart: “I think they’re getting tired.”
Rikard Castleberry wonders to himself if that is the end of the horrors.

A construct rushes Rikard, drawing a free attack!
One claw cuts through the din, brushing aside a killing strike from Rikard.
The construct then attacks Rikard.
The reward for its small victory…nada, it misses.



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