Savaged Kith'takharos

Session 7

After returning the boat, you eventually get back together, perhaps with the thought of speaking to Meryl.

Casdegere Constantine: So Bart, did you see Hoyt before you pulled off to meet back up with us? I see you were not detected.
Mistress Bianca: Mister Bart, are you alright?
Bart: Or that I run very fast. I see that you are not dead.
Mistress Bianca: Well, the day is still young.
Rikard Castleberry: I like very much being not dead
Bart: I found their camp.
Mistress Bianca: Of that we agree Mister Castleberry. When we speak to Uncle, we are going to ask him for assistance in…
Mistress Bianca looks around to ensure no one is eavesdropping.
Casdegere Constantine: Information.
Mistress Bianca: Hoyt’s capture.
Casdegere Constantine: I doubt that will be our task.
Mistress Bianca: did you have a change of heart since the dock?
Bart: Are we going after the staff?
Rikard Castleberry: We should be going after the staff, if it’s as bad as I think it is in the hands of someone like him.
Casdegere Constantine: Well such a thing is not worth dying over for certain. And those men at that hut got me thinking.
Mistress Bianca: What is then?
Casdegere Constantine looked over at her and just shook his head.
Rikard Castleberry looks puzzled at Casdegere.
Mistress Bianca notices that the group is nearing the Guild’s compound.
Bart looks annoyed.

_Seeing Bianca’s approach, the guards open the gates of the Transit Guild compound. They nod as she passes._

Mistress Bianca: Thank you very much sirs.
Casdegere Constantine (curiously): Bart, was there more you had to say about what you’ve seen?

Another guard opens the main door to allow you entry, and indicates someone will inform Meryl of your presence.

Mistress Bianca looks about to say something but seeing a runner being sent stops her. Raises a hand in acknowledgement.
Bart: I saw their camp and marked their position. I did not stay for long as I was afraid you were injured.

Bianca knows she can just lead her comrades to the conference room.

Mistress Bianca: We’ll be in the usual room.

As you enter, you see that Meryl has already seated himself at the table.

Mistress Bianca: Uncle.
Casdegere Constantine: Yes well we decided that going after him would have been difficult and most likely deadly.
Meryl Dunestal: Stands.
Mistress Bianca immediately sits next to Meryl.
Casdegere Constantine stops.
Meryl Dunestal: I admit that I am surprised you have returned so soon. There is something you’d like to say?
Meryl Dunestal looks directly at Casdegere.
Casdegere Constantine: I believe the Mistress can explain it.
Mistress Bianca: I will be blunt. Lenar Hoyt is located. He has the staff that we were after.
Casdegere Constantine: He has many men.
Mistress Bianca: Bart has marked their location so that we can pick up his and his underlings trail. Uncle, you know how dangerous Hoyt is.
Meryl Dunestal: Listens as Bianca speaks, occasionally nodding understanding. But, during the entire exchange his eyes are directed at Casdegere.
Mistress Bianca: What do you think of us going after him?
Rikard Castleberry silently wonders why Meryl is staring at Casdegere.
Casdegere Constantine returns his stare with one of his own.
Mistress Bianca silently wonders how Casdegere will die…
Meryl Dunestal without breaking his gaze, “I think you’d better be willing to kill or be killed if you tangle with a Swamp Dragon.”
Bart wonders at Casdegere’s return after the way he insulted Meryl.
Mistress Bianca: You know I have experience with that. I was wondering if you are interested in his capture.
Rikard Castleberry: What’s a Swamp Dragon?
Mistress Bianca: Hmmmm perhaps you will see one soon enough Mister Castleberry.
Casdegere Constantine: Swamp Dragons are easy to find if you know what you are looking for.
Meryl Dunestal breaks his unnerving gaze to smile at Bianca and answer Rikard, “The Swamp Dragon is a dangerous predator that takes the lives of those foolish, or careless enough to cross paths with it.
Rikard Castleberry: I tend to like to know a bit of my foes before I fight them, not after.
Meryl Dunestal: Unless of course your name is Koran Thelig, in which case, the Swamp Dragon knows enough to wait for another meal.
Meryl Dunestal chuckles more than usual at his last statement.
Mistress Bianca: They are mostly mouth and teeth from the point of view I had. anyway…
Meryl Dunestal: At least that is the way he’d tell it.
Bart: I could probably lead you to the hunting grounds of one if you are interested but I think we are getting off point.
Casdegere Constantine: however, Koran is well informed before he is sent into the swamp…we on the other hand, are not.
Mistress Bianca: What would be the ramifications of the guild capturing one of Huygens Tierney’s prized lieutenants?
Meryl Dunestal: So. You have found the staff and know who has it. You know Hoyt is dangerous. Dangerous enough that old Dorian has not managed to feed his pet plant yet. What will you do?
Casdegere Constantine: Well is he under the protection of the jade Leaf still?
Bart: I do not think so.
Meryl Dunestal Looks at Casdegere a moment, then turns to Bianca.
Meryl Dunestal: I am not sure that it has any direct bearing. Any citizen of the area would do well to bring such a man to justice.
Casdegere Constantine: It is not clear to me what his motives are; so far he is only responsible for a robbery. and an assault upon my person.
Bart: And having you beat on like a dog.
Mistress Bianca slowly looks to Casdegere and tilts her head a little.
Casdegere Constantine: Yes, that to Bart.
Rikard Castleberry: I don’t take well to my comrades in arms being assaulted.
Mistress Bianca: You remember which crimes are punishable by death here in Kith’takharos?
Meryl Dunestal: Though you have not asked it, my dear Bianca, I say this. I know a bit about this Lenar from before my assignment here.
Casdegere Constantine: Yes Mistress but going after him ourselves, gives me pause for he has shown absolutely no fear of us.
Meryl Dunestal: What I know of him is that he will do whatever he damn well pleases, regardless of the cost to others. Perhaps he doesn’t even weigh the cost to himself…
Rikard Castleberry: People who don’t consider the costs to themselves are very dangerous, indeed.
Casdegere Constantine looks straight at Meryl.
Bart: Why would he fear us?
Rikard Castleberry drinks from his wine glass.
Casdegere Constantine: What i am inclined to do is go to the Jade Leaf and press charges if no other solution will present itself.
Mistress Bianca: He will not fear us? Even a week ago there was no “us”.
Casdegere Constantine: Bart can lead them to where he is or goes at the very least. And I meant Mistress, that you yourself gave pause to going after him.
Rikard Castleberry coughs hard and abruptly, spilling his food and drink on the floor.
Mistress Bianca: What I am wondering Uncle is do you think that the capture or death of Hoyt would perhaps give the Order to perhaps let the guild do some…farming of its own?
Rikard Castleberry: Damn fish bones, jeez.
Meryl Dunestal: Something does not agree with you? Ah.
Rikard Castleberry bends down to pick up the spilled items.
Bart looks disgusted “Cas, you were abused and lost something you took under your protection. You have the opportunity to regain some …dignity and you want the leaf or the guild to do it for you?”
Casdegere Constantine snaps angrily at bart “I’ll not have anyone else die over my own pride thank you!”
Mistress Bianca: Mister Casdegere.
Meryl Dunestal: Rikard, forget about it. I’ll have it attended to after you leave.
Bart: No you will send someone else to possibly die because of your fear.
Rikard Castleberry: I commit the image to memory as I sit back up on the chair, to bring up later to everyone else.
Rikard Castleberry sits back up on the chair with his cup.
Casdegere Constantine angrily steps toward Bart. “Have you ever seen combat sir?”
Mistress Bianca: Mister Casdegere, sit down.
Rikard Castleberry: Meryl do you happen to have any…. hey wait, what’s all the fuss about?
Bart holds his ground. “I have seen death. The form does not matter.”
Casdegere Constantine smacks a few dishes off the table near Bart.

One of the plates shatters when it hits the floor. A shard skips up and bounces off Bianca’s mask.

Meryl Dunestal pushes his chair ba
ck just a bit.
Rikard Castleberry rolls his eyes. Rikard Castleberry: Oh for the love of… come ON!
Mistress Bianca (annoyed): Uncle will you have anyone accompany us to bring him in? Casdegere I will ask you, for your own sake, sit down…please.
Bart shakes his head. “These childish antics are getting old.”
Casdegere Constantine relents and sits down.
Rikard Castleberry leans over towards Casdegere.
Rikard Castleberry: After this, let’s go find something to work off the stress, we need to loosen up a little.
Mistress Bianca: Yes, I do not wish to see Uncle have to kill someone in his own residence over this.
Meryl Dunestal: Consider this story if you please.
Mistress Bianca removes the lower half of her mask which covers her mouth and raises a glass of wine to her lips and downs its contents in one gulp.
Meryl Dunestal: Terrien var Donhummel an important Ambassador arrives at your house for a pleasant evening of wine, food, and friendship. As most might think, such an important and well bred man would not forget to bring his host a gift upon arrival. I might have expected a bottle of wine, or some other consumable good as was customary. Instead he brought me a set of bone-glass plates from across a vast stretch of nameless mountains. Forward to now, as I consider the loss of one of those plates.
Meryl Dunestal stands.
Meryl Dunestal: I will be back in a moment with my answer Bianca.
Meryl Dunestal walks to the door, opens it and exits, closing the door behind him.
Rikard Castleberry (quietly): Guys, I know it’s been a bit weird the last few minutes, but I found something a bit odd.
Casdegere Constantine looks over at Rikard glumly.
Mistress Bianca: Yes mister Castleberry?
Rikard Castleberry (quietly): take a peek under the table here, 1 at a time, and tell me what you make of this symbol.
Rikard Castleberry (quietly): I don’t understand quite why it would be here too.
Bart looks under the table.
Casdegere Constantine looks.
Mistress Bianca looks under the table…

Casdegere sees a raised wolf’s head on the underside of the table that exactly matches the design on his ring, and the design on the tree near Almus’ boat.

Casdegere Constantine looks at his ring once more.
Casdegere Constantine: I knew he was holding on out us.

A young lady enters the room, and carefully picks up each piece of plate. She smiles at Rickard. You recognize her from your last visit.

Rikard Castleberry smiles back at the young lady and winks at her.

She blushes, but does not look away.

Mistress Bianca drums her fingers on the table.
Rikard Castleberry: I don’t think I had the pleasure of your name last time we met, I’m Rikard.
Annelise: I am Annelise.
Casdegere Constantine waits for her to leave.
Mistress Bianca: AH! It grew back!
Annelise puts her mouth near Rikard’s ear, “Why is that other man so angry all the time?”
Rikard Castleberry: What are you doing later today Annelise? When we’re both not busy?
Bart wonders how the waitress from last night will take to Rikard’s fickleness.
Rikard Castleberry (whispers back to Annelise): he’s been through a lot recently, it’s hard on him, lost some family.
Annelise giggles, “I am working at the Sheltering Frond. Maybe you will have dinner there?” then she suddenly realizes she is at work, and scurries out.
Rikard Castleberry turns around to see everyone staring at him.
Rikard Castleberry: What?
Casdegere Constantine shakes his head and looks over at Bianca.
Mistress Bianca: That was very…awkward…
Rikard Castleberry mutters about a bunch of no fun having wound up people.
Casdegere Constantine: Why is there a symbol of my family under this table?
Rikard Castleberry: Is Meryl related to you?
Casdegere Constantine gives Rikard an angry sidelong glance.
Mistress Bianca: Oh don’t worry Casdegere.
Bart: Could the table have been a gift? They were friends weren’t they?
Casdegere Constantine: I do not know.
Mistress Bianca: Perhaps this table was a gift from your uncle; much like those plates.
Rikard Castleberry: If it was a gift wouldn’t it be more visually displayed?
Casdegere Constantine: everything is a secret here or some mystery. Yet to some, it is well known, I have yet to know why this is.
Mistress Bianca: Well tables are not tapestries. You don’t exactly place them anywhere there is good lighting…
Casdegere Constantine: I apologize Bart…for getting angry like that.
Bart: I think I understand your anger a bit but that does not tell us what we are going to do now.
Casdegere Constantine: If Hoyt is so well known why has he not been brought in already?
Mistress Bianca: Everyone knows of God, but no one has seen him and lived to tell the tale…
Casdegere Constantine: Are you saying he is a fugitive?
Mistress Bianca smiles a bit, which can be seen because the lower half of her mask is still removed.
Mistress Bianca: I am saying he is an justifiably arrogant son of a bitch.
Rikard Castleberry: While I can respect that in a guy, I still don’t understand how he is allowed to keep operating like he is, does he have connections with people high up here?
Mistress Bianca: Hmmm no. Save for Huygens Tierney.
Casdegere Constantine: Well if this Staff is evil, then he is obviously up to nothing good and decent. But I don’t believe going after him for it is worth our lives, however to find out what he is actually up to, well that is another matter.

Annelise enters the room one more with a leather sack. You can hear the faint clink of metal on metal, but not coins. “Master Meryl asked me to give you this.” She hands the bag to Rikard, curtsies, and then leaves.

Rikard Castleberry looks in the bag.
Mistress Bianca: I have 3 motivations.

Rikard sees four small tin containers similar to those that might hold cosmetics. They are labeled, and a small book.

Bart: Now I am confused. I thought we were after the staff as a matter of honor not that we were to become officers of the leaf.
Mistress Bianca: First is to catch the bastard before he burns this town up in whatever evil he is planning.
Rikard Castleberry takes the items and places them on the table, setting them all out for everyone to see.
Casdegere Constantine: Such a man knows nothing of honor Bart.
Mistress Bianca: second is to propagate my uncle’s guild if it can.
Bart: I wasn’t speaking of his honor.

Those are swamp plant concoctions.

Mistress Bianca: Third is to perhaps win some favor for myself in town.

The book is called “A Young Lady’s Etiquette Primer” by Lady Rose Levantine.

Rikard Castleberry: I’m unfamiliar with what these words are, anyone know?
Bart shakes his head.
Rikard Castleberry starts leafing through the book.
Mistress Bianca: I am not a zealot, But when we went searching for that staff it was for more simpler reasons. But knowing that a man such as Hoyt has it…

There is writing on the inside cover: “To Casdegere, from Meryl. May you profit from this instruction.”

Rikard Castleberry chuckles a little to himself as he keeps looking through it.
Casdegere Constantine shakes his head at seeing the book’s title.

Bart does recognize those names. S’pal makes one much faster for about an hour. T’rastic allows one to see in the dark for many hours. Both are applied as salves to the skin.

Mistress Bianca: Is there any Xenia in there from your lady friend Rikard?
Rikard Castleberry: I don’t see any Xenia.
Mistress Bianca laughs.
Mistress Bianca: perhaps she will slip it in your drink then.
Bart: Those salves are worth something and could aid our cause.
Casdegere Constantine sighs.
Rikard Castleberry: Perhaps we should make sure to save them for a really important occasion then.
Casdegere Constantine: Well it looks like this is all the help we will be getting.
Bart: Though I do not think that Rikard would want to use them with his lady friend.
Mistress Bianca: You should be happy. You are not dead.
Rikard Castleberry: Wait, what is Xenia?
Casdegere Constantine: From Meryl or Hoyt, I see no difference.
Mistress Bianca: Xenia makes even the limpest leeches’ rise to certain occasions.
Casdegere Constantine: Leeches?

> Casdegere Constantine looks baffled. Rikard Castleberry chuckles.
Mistress Bianca: Maybe when you are older…
Casdegere Constantine shrugs.
Rikard Castleberry: Well, as it stands folks, we are still at a bit of an impasse.
Casdegere Constantine: So then, what should we do? Go to his hiding spot? See what he is doing?
Bart: Why?
Casdegere Constantine looks over at Bart.
Rikard Castleberry: I have a bit of a concern about recon on someone who is probably expecting us.
Mistress Bianca: I do believe that Uncle is not going to let a messenger be his only response before he lets his niece march off to her demise.
Bart: I mean if we are not going to take any responsibility then why not just give the leaf his location and go on with our lives.
Rikard Castleberry: Taking responsibility is one thing, but marching into the lions den is another…

An older woman enters the room and begins clearing the table. “Meryl sends his regards. Unfortunately, he cannot see you off himself. Urgent business occupies him.”

Mistress Bianca: well…
Casdegere Constantine raises a brow at Bianca.
Casdegere Constantine: You were saying?
Mistress Bianca quickly returns the bottom portion of her mask.
Mistress Bianca: Time to put our irons in the fire. What do you all want to do?
Casdegere Constantine: I believe Hoyt has been a thorn for Kith’takharos for quite some time.
Casdegere Constantine: Bart?
Bart: I say we retrieve the staff.
Rikard Castleberry: I’m all for going after Hoyt, but it feels like we’re still missing something.
Mistress Bianca: Lets numerate our goals. Not die…
Rikard Castleberry: Nume… what?
Mistress Bianca: Get staff, capture Hoyt, return Hoyt to Kith’takharos or kill him.
Casdegere Constantine: That’s a tall order but I suspect if we do get the staff, he will be coming for us anyway.
Bart: I’m all with one and two.
Mistress Bianca: Then we will lead him to Kith’takharos.
Casdegere Constantine nods.
Mistress Bianca: We can always destroy the staff… Yeah it may seal our demise. Rikard Castleberry silently adds have dinner with Annelise to his list of goals.
Casdegere Constantine stands.
Bart: When do we want to arrive there?
Casdegere Constantine: Well then, let’s say we meet near the tipped cup tomorrow morning and head out after him?
Mistress Bianca: Ten minutes ago.
Bart: Why the morning? If we leave soon we can arrive at night. With the salves given us we will have a great advantage.
Casdegere Constantine nods.
Casdegere Constantine: I like the way you’re thinking Bart. How many doses do we have?
Rikard Castleberry: If Hoyt has a stronghold, then it will be going nowhere.

The day cools off.

Rikard Castleberry: We could do with a day of collecting ourselves since he is ready and we are not. Running in with our blood up is a good way to miss something.
Bart: What do we need to ready ourselves? Time will give him more of an advantage then us as he has resources to call.
Rikard Castleberry: A full nights rest for one, we’ve been running non stop for days Casdegere Constantine: I agree and…Rikard, you can meet up with your Lass another time.
Casdegere Constantine grins.
Bart: He also knows where Casdegere lives.
Rikard Castleberry: Well, I’ll put it this way, when was the last time we slept in beds?
Bart: Last night.
Mistress Bianca: Does anyone need to buy anything that they feel will help them tomorrow?
Rikard Castleberry: Well, if everyone else wants to head out right now, then I will go with the groups decision.
Mistress Bianca: I am ready.
Casdegere Constantine: I am ready.
Bart: Shall we go by boat or foot? One is quicker and the other less apt to be spotted.
Casdegere Constantine: The less apt to be spotted works for me.
Rikard Castleberry: Well I will be taking a few minutes to leave a note for Annelise before we dash out, should just take a few.
Rikard Castleberry: We have to head that way anyways.
Casdegere Constantine nods as he collects himself.
Mistress Bianca: Boat would give us two options for retreat.
Casdegere Constantine: Not if he is a wizard.
Casdegere Constantine: I say each one of us keep one of those salves handy.
Bart: We could use one of their boats if need be.
Mistress Bianca: I say boat to at least get closer.
Casdegere Constantine: I thought it wasn’t that far?
Mistress Bianca: I like options.
Rikard Castleberry: How far is it?
Bart shows them on the map.
Casdegere Constantine: How far is that by walking?
Casdegere Constantine shrugs and heads out.
Rikard Castleberry: Would it be possible to take a boat part of the way then walk the rest?
Bart: It takes about 1 hour. Quicker if need be.
Rikard Castleberry: Well I need to go take care of this errand; I will be back soon, unless you would prefer to meet somewhere else to head out?
Casdegere Constantine: The tipped cup lets say?
Mistress Bianca: That sounds fine.
Rikard Castleberry: Ok.
Bart: Sure, When?
Mistress Bianca: Soon.
Casdegere Constantine: I’m heading there now, I’ll wait.
Rikard Castleberry heads out and starts up towards the Sheltering Frond.

As you leave the compound, you all notice a hubbub near the docks by the market. A crowd of people has gathered.

Casdegere Constantine heads over there to see what is happening.
Bart asks one of the gawkers, “What is the commotion”.

Casdegere sees the crowd clustered around a swamp boat tied to the dock. A deep male voice says, “Please, give me some room. I’m sure Lady Salmissra will see this man straightaway.” Someone says, “Koran Thelig caught a poacher!”

Casdegere Constantine tries to get a look at the poacher.

Koran leads a man along the dock. The man’s wrists are tied, and a rope extends to Koran’s hands. You recognize this man as Simon Augustino, whom you left tied up on the other island.

Mistress Bianca stands in the projected path of Korran and his captive.

Koran calls to a man in Jade Leaf colors. “Please bring that sack of swamp plants from my boat. That’s evidence.” Koran slows as he nears Bianca.

Bart whispers to Cas, “Do you remember any plants?”
Koran Thelig: My good lady. Please allow me to pass. I must take this criminal to Lady Salmissra.
Mistress Bianca: He must have been a hard one to catch. The crowd waits. Just tell them how you caught the bastard.
Casdegere Constantine: Yes, I know of many.
Koran Thelig: All that will come out in good time.
Mistress Bianca looks for a reaction from Simon.
Bart happily thinks of slapping Casdegere.
Mistress Bianca: Oh come now, when has the great Koran denied the town a tale.
Koran Thelig whispers, “I don’t think you want this crowd to know you let this man go free.”
Rikard Castleberry walks up to the owner and asks if he/she would be willing to pass a letter to Annelise for him when she comes to work.
Casdegere Constantine looks at Bart as if to say what?
Mistress Bianca whispers to Koran, “There are much bigger fish to fry than this one… interested?”

Rikard Castleberry, A beautiful elven lady chuckles and says in a husky voice, “Of course.” She smiles and hands you quill, ink, paper.

Bart whispers again to Cas, “At least I now have a face to go with our nightly visitor.”
Koran Thelig: Walk with me then as I go to the keep.
Casdegere Constantine whispers back to bart “Ok, now I get it…and no, I do not remember a bag of plants.”
Koran Thelig nods to Bianca and begins walking.
Casdegere Constantine looks over at Koran then Back to Bart.
Casdegere Constantine whispers to Bart “Are you sure it’s him?”
Mistress Bianca whispers, “If you are interested, be quick, I will meet you at the tipped cup. 10 minutes.”
. Koran Thelig whispers, “Make it 15. I must pay my respects.”
Bart: I am not used to someone getting the best of me in the swamp. It is him.

The crowd cheers as Koran heads toward the keep.

Mistress Bianca returns to the other two.
Casdegere Constantine: I see.
Rikard Castleberry leans in closer to the elven lady and asks her, “By chance could you help me with the composition? I’m afraid my tongues a bit tied of late, and I’d like to leave a proper note for her.”
Casdegere Constantine follows.
Rikard Castleberry: “Of course. What are your intentions?”
Bart: Mistress, Who is this Thelig fellow?
Mistress Bianca: So, do you remember the tale of a man coming to town with a ball of ice?
Bart: No.
Mistress Bianca: There is no better guide to the swamp than Koran. is exploits are known by everyone. Now I know his secret.
Rikard Castleberry: Well, I am supposed to meet her tonight for dinner, but I am being pulled away on a matter of high importance, and will not likely be back until at least tomorrow. I’d like to convey somehow that she has my full attentions and thoughts, and that I will see her as soon as I can.
Bart follows others to find out what they are doing.
Mistress Bianca: Seems that way.
Mistress Bianca: But I plan to entice him to join us.
Bart: It appears that he was with us since the beginning of this journey.
Mistress Bianca: Do go on.
Rikard Castleberry thanks her deeply for her help, orders a drink and leaves a large tip for it, and then leaves the bar.
Bart: He was the one who mocked us our first night out. The fact that he followed us to the poacher’s residence means he returned to the city the same as us and followed us out again. He could have been the one who reported us to Lenar.
Mistress Bianca: Crap. He is taking that poacher to Lady Salmissra.

Fifteen minutes later Koran Thelig enters the Tipped Cup.

Mistress Bianca: Please sit Mister Thelig.
Koran Thelig pulls his chair around so that he can observe the doorway, and sits.

Rikard enters the Tipped Cup.

Bart waves to Rikard.
Casdegere Constantine looks on.
Rikard Castleberry waves to Bart, and signals the server to please come to their table.
Mistress Bianca: Mister Thelig how did it go with the Lady?

Without requesting a drink, a waiter places a mug before Koran, who pays him with a silver coin.

Koran Thelig: Very well. Lady Salmissra and I see eye-to-eye on these matters.
Koran Thelig takes a long pull on his ale.
Mistress Bianca: Yes I understand. Poachers are unpleasant to both the Order as well as the Guild.
Koran Thelig smiles. His gold earring glints in the lamp light.
Mistress Bianca: We don’t have a lot of time here for talk. I think you know why.
Koran Thelig raises an eyebrow. “I am listening.”
Rikard Castleberry whispers to Bart.
Rikard Castleberry: What’s going on that I missed?
Mistress Bianca speaks lower, we know where he is.
Bart whispers back to Rikard, Bringing him up to date and explaining that Bianca is going to do something.
Koran Thelig: And you desire assistance?
Koran Thelig finishes off the ale. Another is brought immediately.
Mistress Bianca: Yes, and I think the fame it would give you would be legendary.
Koran Thelig scratches his chin thoughtfully. “And you would gain much standing in town by assisting me in this. We all gain.”
Mistress Bianca: Yes, everyone gains, you in?
Koran Thelig glances at Bart. “Yes, I believe I am. Now where…”
Mistress Bianca: We leave now.
Mistress Bianca stands up and pushes her chair back in.
Koran Thelig: We can take my boat.
Mistress Bianca looks to the others.
Casdegere Constantine nods and follows silently.
Koran Thelig stands up and says, “One thing. Will we return by the day after tomorrow? I do not want to miss Lady Salmissra’s justice.”
Rikard Castleberry: Oh of course.
Mistress Bianca: Yes we will.
Bart says “That’s the plan” as he follows.
Koran Thelig: That poacher has enough plants stashed behind the fireplace to choke a swamp dragon. I’m afraid his fate is clear.
Mistress Bianca: How was the smell of urine?
Koran Thelig: I live in a swamp. I’m used to unpleasant smells.
Mistress Bianca chuckles.
Koran Thelig: Quick. Do you need any supplies?
Mistress Bianca lead on.
Koran Thelig: I’m ready, myself.
Rikard Castleberry: I believe we are ready.
Mistress Bianca: We are set.
Koran Thelig leads them to the docks, greeting numerous villagers he passes. Everyone seems to like Koran.

Now that you see his boat up close, you can tell he cares for it well, Beautiful craftsmanship.

Mistress Bianca: What’s her name?
Koran Thelig hops in and extends a hand to Bianca.
Koran Thelig smiles, “Ah, I call her Lady.”
Rikard Castleberry: I like your boat.
Koran Thelig: As for the poachers, they have other names.
Mistress Bianca gets in with Korans assistance.
Casdegere Constantine gets in and takes a seat in silence, keeping an eye on Koran.
Koran Thelig looks at Casdegere and Rikard. “Either of you use a crossbow?”
Rikard Castleberry: Sorry, my training favored the melee weapons.
Koran Thelig pulls a massive crossbow from under a tarp and mounts it on a post at the center of the boat.
Rikard Castleberry: If it’s just aim and pull I can probably manage.
Casdegere Constantine shakes his head.
Koran Thelig: All right. Man the crossbow. We’ll take it inland if necessary.

The bolts look specially made.

Koran Thelig takes a pole and hands another to Casdegere. “Lead on,” he says to Bart.
Casdegere Constantine stands up and begins to pole.
Koran Thelig pushes the boat from the dock.
Bart leads the boat to a safe alcove someplace south of their destination.
Rikard Castleberry stands up and mans the crossbow, feeling a little badass.
Mistress Bianca watches silently for several minutes.
Koran Thelig scans in all directions as he poles, saying little but watching intently.

You can tell that Koran is now all business. He seems to know what he is doing. In some ways, he reminds you of Bart. Under Bart’s direction, Koran guides the boat into the alcove. He leaps ashore and grabs the prow so the boat does not drift.

Mistress Bianca (after a few minutes away from Kith’takharos): Mister Thelig, I never introduced my friends.
Koran Thelig motions you out with a twist of his head.



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