Savaged Kith'takharos

Session 8

Casdegere and Koran pole the boat along the west coast of the island. There has been much questioning of Koran, and he has answered all of them. Soon, it will be time to pull the boat onto shore.

Mistress Bianca: Rikard, a swamp dragon is a lizard that has a large mouth with very sharp teeth; they have a powerful tail and a very thick skin. Their eyes can be a weak point if you get a chance to stab at one. That is how I lived the attack. Now you know.
Rikard Castleberry: And knowing is half the battle.
Koran Thelig: I doubt you’ll see one here. By now they tend to keep away from Kith’takharos. Too many have been slain by skilled hunters.
Koran Thelig grins.
Bart frowns at the thought of the noble creatures being slaughtered.
Casdegere Constantine slides his pole, guiding the boat to land, but only listens.
Mistress Bianca: Koran, if you find a one eyed swamp dragon…it is mine!
Bart: We should stop now. The trail is just a bit north.
Koran Thelig bows while poling, “Of course, dear lady.”
Koran Thelig begins guiding the boat to shore. When near, he leaps to land and holds the boat steady so the other can get out.
Bart: Have we decided on a plan?
Casdegere Constantine sets down his pole and slides his backpack upon his shoulder.
Koran Thelig: I don’t think Casdegere trusts me. I should follow your direction.
Mistress Bianca thanks Koran after getting out.
Koran Thelig pulls the boat onto shore and starts placing branches over it.
Casdegere Constantine sighs when his feet land upon shore. When he does he drops his pack and begins suiting up.
Rikard Castleberry starts viewing the area with his expert eyes.
Koran Thelig: My sword is at your disposal. May the poachers be caught flat-footed.
Mistress Bianca: I think if we come across Hoyt, he must become the main target. He will not blink as soon as kill us. Any others are just pawns.
Casdegere Constantine: “Well, we’ll need scouts to move ahead of us since we have 2, one could hang back to signal the rest of us forward, as a suggestion.
Mistress Bianca: It is up to Bart.
Casdegere Constantine checks his spear and makes certain his shield strap is tight.
Bart: The trail is pretty easy to follow but will be the easiest to spot us on.
Bart: Shall we use it until we get close to their camp?
Casdegere Constantine: A more unlikely route eh Bart?
Rikard Castleberry: Then we should find a less likely to be spotted path.
Bart: Will do.
Bart gets his bearings then slowly heads off towards the camp making sure the group can see him.
Koran Thelig follows at a distance, keeping the pace slow.
Casdegere Constantine signals two fingers at his eyes, to show Bart.

You head east inland for a few hundred yards, then turn north. After about ten minutes, Bart realizes you are getting close.

Bart holds up his hand in front of his nose to show Casdegere the defense to that move. Casdegere Constantine chuckles and nods.
Casdegere Constantine whispers “Alright Koran, at this point we have no choice but to trust you, if we are spotted, our only chance of getting hold of that spear will be you, the rest of us will have to be a diversion and give you time to find it.
Casdegere Constantine looks around to everyone to see who disagrees.
Koran Thelig whispers, “If I find it, I will take it to Dorian.”
Casdegere Constantine whispers “Who is Dorian?
Mistress Bianca (whisper): Leader of the Order.
Koran Thelig whispers, “If that is a problem, you do not want me to find it.”
Casdegere Constantine (whisper) “The spear was stolen from me; it should be my decision of whom it is taken.”
Bart heads back to the group. “It is about 100 yards that way to the camp.”
Rikard Castleberry: How many did you see?
Mistress Bianca (whisper): And what would you do with it? Lose it again? Keep your mind on the task, first we have to get it.
Bart: I have not checked the camp yet this time. Just wanted to let you know we were close.
Rikard Castleberry nods.
Bart heads back towards the camp using the trees for cover.
Koran Thelig follows at a distance.
Casdegere Constantine shakes his head at Bianca and just follows behind as quietly as he can.
Mistress Bianca follows behind Koran and Casdegere.

Bart moves through the trees, taking advantage of every bit of cover. Then he enters a small clearing filled with large stone blocks. He knows these once formed the pillars of a bridge. The trees close in again up ahead, but you are very close to the shore and another set of stone blocks.

Bart waits until a cloud offers a bit more cover then heads towards the blocks keeping low to the ground.

From the trees, Bart sees the remains of a fire. In the constriction between the two islands, one bridge pillar rises from the water.

Koran Thelig whispers to the others, “Hold.”
Casdegere Constantine stops moving.

The rest of you do not see Bart, or know what he is doing. However, all of you hear a voice clearly. “Rake, wake up! Something’s out there.”

Rikard Castleberry gets into a ready stance with his spear out.
Casdegere Constantine whispers “Koran, can you see him?”
Mistress Bianca clutches her staff firmly in anticipation for death.
Koran Thelig: No. But I suggest you move forward. They know we’re here.
Casdegere Constantine: Damnit.
Casdegere Constantine shrugs off his pack and lurches forward.

The clouds cross the moon.

Casdegere Constantine rushes ahead.

Casdegere sees a pillar of stone in the water about 30’ high. Bart is climbing it. A man on top looks about ready to throw something at him.

Mistress Bianca casts fist of the staff to knock the man off the pillar before he throws what he is throwing.
Mistress Bianca’s ethereal fist lands fully square on her targets chest knocking out its wind and causing it to stagger back a few steps.

The poacher, who was evidently planning to drop a rock on Bart, stumbles back and drops the stone.

Koran Thelig steps to the water’s edge and raises a bow at the man atop the pillar. It will be a tough shot, since the man is partly obscured due to the angle.
Koran Thelig fires and the arrow strikes the pillar just at the lip.
Casdegere Constantine steps to the side of the pillar to see what is what as far as his eyes allow.

Casdegere sees only water behind the pillar.

Casdegere Constantine drops his shield and stows his spear.
Casdegere Constantine prepares for a climb.
Bart continues trying to get to the top.
Bart can’t seem to find any hand holds.

Bart loses his grip on the stone and falls into the water.

Rikard Castleberry: I move up to the edge and a bit to the side to see if I notice anything behind the pillar.

You can see the water moving by. There is a current here. Rikard sees nothing unusual behind the pillar. You all hear a voice, “What the ‘ell, we’s being attacked!” Then you hear some fumbling with wood. Right now, you can’t see anyone. The one man you did see must have crouched.

Bart swims around the pillar looking for a better route up.

_Bart moves against the current to the “rear” where the rocks seem to provide better holds. That takes all of his movement. You all see a form rise up from the pillar and give a large stone a two-handed, overhand fling towards shore. Rikard gives a deer in the lantern look as the rock tumbles toward him! Bam! It hits him in the chest and he is shaken!_

Rikard Castleberry: Ooof!
Poacher: “Take that! Jade Leaf scum!
Rikard Castleberry tries to shake off the blow of the rock that just hit him.

Rikard toughs it out and regains his senses. You all hear the sound of rock striking rock from up top. “Come on damn you!”

Casdegere Constantine wades in toward the pillar.

You have heard at least 2, maybe 3 different voices. That takes up his move. Does he act?

Casdegere Constantine looks for appropriate stone to start climbing and does nothing more. Mistress Bianca not satisfied with her previous attempt strikes out again with her ethereal fist. Mistress Bianca: The brass fist shaped head glows with a chartreuse hue. An ethereal fist hurls toward its victim with an ephemeral trail of glitter.

The poacher stumbles backwards and you then hear a splash. Bart sees a man fall into the water next to him.

Mistress Bianca: No more rock throwing for him…
Mistress Bianca is satisfied.
Koran Thelig drops his bow and runs into the water.
Koran Thelig: Enough of this crap.
Casdegere Constantine begins to climb, moving as fast as possible.

Casdegere climbs about two-thirds of the way up.

Bart looks at the form near him for signs of life.

Bart sees the man spluttering beside him.

Bart sees the man is conscious and starts to climb up the wall.

Bart climbs about a third of the way.

Mistress Bianca holds her action.
Koran Thelig can’t seem to get a grip on the stone.
Rikard Castleberry enters the water and moves as far as he can, straight ahead.

Just as Rikard reaches the pillar, you all hear a WHOOSH and a jet of red flame shoots into the sky. It must be a flare. A voice says, “You all should leave now. Hoyt will be back soon, and he won’t like what he sees.” Bart sees the poacher beside him regain his feet, and notices that he looks pissed.

Rikard Castleberry: I swim up to the poacher in the water and attempt to stab him with my spear.

Rikard’s spear hits the poacher in the arm. The poacher yells. The poacher grins when the spear slides off the slick leather.

Koran Thelig still can’t seem to get a grip.
Bart continues his climb.

Now Bart is two-thirds up the pillar. A voice says, “Oh shit.” Suddenly, a rock hits Rikard on the head.

Rikard Castleberry starts to grin, then a different expression takes over.

But it bounces off without harm.

Casdegere Constantine attempts to crest the pillar and draws out his spear.

Casdegere completes his climb and begins to pull himself over, a boot arcs toward his face. Casdegere dodges the boot and is now at the top.

Mistress Bianca moves to a better vantage point to see if someone comes from the other side.

Bianca sees no one. The poacher below Bart stabs at Rikard. Rikard dances aside. Rikard is big, so, now what? Rikard, another rock comes at you.

Mistress Bianca moves up to spy a new target, or an old one… nothing.

Rikard is hit in the head. He is dazed and now wounded.

Rikard Castleberry grunts as he is beaned again with a rock, and tries to ignore the pain.

Rikard shrugs off the wound but his still dazed.

Koran Thelig Begins to climb the pillar!

The poacher who kicked at Casdegere lunges at the warrior with a sword. Pure instinct moves Casdegere aside.

Casdegere Constantine attacks the offending Poacher with much malice.
Casdegere Constantine almost loses the grip on his spear in the attempt.

The poacher laughs at Casdegere. “Hoyt will gut you from stem to stern like a fish, boy.”

Rikard Castleberry tries to shake the cobwebs from the last rock.

Rikard shakes off the cobwebs and can attack!

Rikard Castleberry: Enough with the rocks now, I mean it!
Rikard Castleberry: I attack the poacher in front of me.

The spear point stabs the poacher’s gut. The poacher looks bewildered as the spear draws blood.

Rikard Castleberry growls as he stabs the poacher.

The poacher tries to get back his senses.

Bart smiles as he sees the top of the pillar coming closer.

Bart finds that he is actually climbing a rope ladder! He makes it to the top and sees a poacher crouched beside him, probably the man who was dropping rocks. The poacher beside Casdegere suddenly leaps into the water. Somehow, he lands, goes underwater briefly, and comes up running. Bianca, you don’t know where the poacher went. Suddenly, he surfaces right in front of you! He tries to gut you with his blade. With a wicked grin, the poacher lunges, the blade sinking deep into Mistress Bianca’s stomach.

Koran Thelig almost falls, but manages to continue climbing. The poacher by Rikard can’t get his wits.
Bart scoops up a rock and flings it at the poacher harassing Bianca.

The rock splashes near the poacher.

Rikard Castleberry screams fiercely as he pushes his all into a crazed attack.

Rikard’s spear tip grazes the water as he lunges, somewhat blunting the fierceness of his battle yells. The poacher’s mouth opens into an “O” as the spear strikes his chest. The poacher rebounds from the blow and falls back into the water, sinking beneath the current.

Mistress Bianca splashes water into the poachers face and performs a spin move before it appears she drills herself into the ground and out of sight (burrow) Casdegere Constantine leaps off of the pillar with a mighty yell to spear the Poacher.

Casdegere makes a mighty leap and lands beside the poacher, luckily absorbing the blow with the water.

The poacher beside Casdegere does his damndest to swim away.

Koran Thelig reaches the top of the pillar.
Casdegere Constantine attempts to swim as fast as possible.
Bart draws his knife. “Surrender and Live, You are beaten.”

The poacher thinks about it.

Rikard Castleberry swims toward Casdegere and the poacher in the water.
Rikard Castleberry: O hai!
Mistress Bianca remains underground as she travels.

The poacher looks at Koran. “Promise you’ll let me live if I talk, no, let me go if I talk.”

Mistress Bianca pops up from where she was at and takes a look around.

Bianca sees some splashing in the water nearby.

Bart holds out his hand, “Your weapon, Please.”
Koran Thelig: I agree not to hinder you, poacher scum.

The poacher drops his sword and holds up his hands.

Casdegere Constantine refuses to give up the chase, wanting to see blood this night.

Casdegere overtakes the poacher, and with Rikard’s help, captures him.

Casdegere Constantine relieves the poacher scum of his blade and together with Rikard, tows him back to shore.
Bart: How long until reinforcements arrive?
Poacher: Well, maybe there ain’t any. You knocked me around pretty good. My head’s fuzzy. I can’t remember. Hey, you got any food?
Bart: You signaled your Boss, When will he arrive?
Rikard Castleberry: Ok, who’s hurt?
Rikard Castleberry: Cas?
Casdegere Constantine grabs some rope and ties up his captive.
Casdegere Constantine: No, I’m fine…where is the Mistress?
Rikard Castleberry: Hm, I do not see her. Oh there she is.
Mistress Bianca: Boo!
Casdegere Constantine seeing the Mistress, he looks her over.
Casdegere Constantine: You’re wounded.
Mistress Bianca: I’ve been worse.
Casdegere Constantine: Well I have a present for you.
Casdegere Constantine shakes his captive.
Rikard Castleberry: If you wouldn’t mind, I have some training in field medicine. I could patch that up.
Casdegere Constantine: If he doesn’t tell you what you want to know, just say the word. Mistress Bianca: First things first…
Mistress Bianca drives her staff into the poacher jewels.
Rikard Castleberry winces in some pity pain.
Mistress Bianca: Ok Rikard, I will accept your care.
Poacher doubles over in pain. “Bitch,” he gasps.
Casdegere Constantine strains and lifts the man back up to a kneeling position.
Mistress Bianca: Hold on Rikard.
Bart tells the poacher “Well if you don’t want to speak with us….”
Mistress Bianca turns and does it again… harder.
Mistress Bianca: Ok NOW I am ready.
Casdegere Constantine grabs him again by his scruff to right him.
Poacher: Let’s see you do that to Lenar. You’ll get yours when he finds who been here.
Rikard Castleberry: Ok if you wouldn’t mind sitting down, so I can clean the wound and wrap it up for ya.
Mistress Bianca sits against a stone and holds the gashed shirt open around the wounds, through the blood you see bright white skin that glows in the moonlight.
Bart: Is Lenar coming to save you?
Rikard Castleberry begins to wash it clean and then apply bandages.



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