Mistress Bianca

A female albino staff wielding caster with a husky voice and a mask.

  • Attributes:
    • STRENGTH:d4
    • VIGOR: d4
    • AGILITY:d8
    • SMARTS:d8
    • SPIRIT:d6
  • Skills:
    • FIGHTING: d10
    • SPELL CASTING: d10
    • STEALTH: d6
    • GUTS: d6
  • Spells:
    • FEAR
    • EARTHEN WAVE: 2 spell points, Medium burst template, instant. A wave rips through the ground. Anyone caught in its effect is shaken; on a raise is knocked prone as well.
    • THE FIST OF THE STAFF: 1 spell point, Range-smarts x2, instant. An Image of the head of your staff takes form and blasts towards your target, knocking the wind out of your target by causing 2d6 nonlethal damage and pushing your target away from you 1 square; 2 on a raise.
  • EDGES:
    • STAFF MASTERY (NOVICE): When wielding a staff add 1 to spell casting rolls.
    • ALBINO (Major): Albinos have poor eyesight and require correction much like the Bad Eyes minor hindrance. Albinos also must avoid direct sunlight as they will get sunburn quicker than others. Finally albinos are required to take the Outsider hindrance.
    • OUTSIDER (Minor)
    • PHOBIA (Minor): AGORAPHOBIA: Fear of public places. When in groups of people or large areas where people congregate The character receives -2 to all rolls except those that facilitate her leaving.

In Kith’takharos albinism is treated like leprosy. You are shunned by society and blamed for everything that goes wrong. If not for her only friend, Mistress Bianca would have very little reason to stay in Kith’takharos. She has no known family; who would claim an albino as a relative? Her parents abandoned her to the danger of the swamp when she was too young to remember. Then she was discovered by someone out hunting for swamp plants who took pity on her. Often she accompanied him on his foraging missions, but has not for some time since she was attacked by a swamp dragon and her neck was rent, leaving her with a husky voice much like that of an old crone.

Mistress Bianca wears a mask all the time. It corrects her vision caused by albinism and also keeps the dreaded sun off her face. It is a strange mask,glass lenses implanted into the eye sockets, black gloss paint with gold filigree, the lip area is painted bright red and is felt lined for comfort. It attaches to the face by straps of dark green which wrap around the head and clip back to the mask around the other side.

Mistress Bianca also wears a cloak at all times which covers any exposed skin. The cloak is a white light material on the outside and on the inside is a dark green on the inside. When in the exposed sun she prefers the white on the outside do to the heat, and at night or indoors she prefers the dark green as it is simply not white, a color she does not particularly enjoy.

Mistress Bianca wields a staff with a large brass head in the shape of a clenched fist. Its shaft is that of a teak wood and is covered with a gloss polish. She uses the staff for defense and as a focus for her magic. It is also a warning to others not to mess with her.

Mistress Bianca

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