Rikard Castleberry

A spear wielding warrior, loyal and merciless.

  • Attributes:
    • STRENGTH:d12
    • VIGOR: d12
    • AGILITY:d8
    • SMARTS:d4
    • SPIRIT:d4
  • Skills:
    • FIGHTING: d12 +1
    • SWIMMING: d4
    • SURVIVAL: d4
    • GUTS: d6
    • HEALING: d6
  • Parry: 9 base, 10 with spear or Chal’Far Fal D’orn if used as a 1 ended weapon.
  • Toughness: 11, 10 if attacked with a raise. 8 base, +1 for Brawny, +1 or 2 for reinforced leather.
  • EDGES:
    • SWEEP: Single attack made at -2 to all adjacent targets. Damage rolled seperately.
    • FIRST STRIKE: Once per turn- free attack against a foe that moves adjacent to me.
    • NERVES OF STEEL: Ignore 1 point of wound penalties.
    • IMPROVED NERVES OF STEEL: Ignore 2 points of wound penalties.
    • FRENZY: Can make an extra fighting attack per turn at -2 to all fighting rolls.
    • BLOCK: Adds 1 to Parry.
    • COMBAT REFLEXES: Adds +2 to spirit roll to recover from being shaken.
    • IMPROVED FRENZY: Can make an extra fighting attack per turn.
    • BRAWNY: +1 toughness, carry strength is 8x, instead of 5×.
    • TWO-FISTED: Removes multi-action penalty when attacking with 2 weapons.
    • DODGE: Attackers subtract 1 from their shooting or throwing rolls. Can add +1 to agility rolls vs ae attacks.
    • IMPROVED DODGE: See Dodge, but value of 2.
    • AMBIDEXTROUS: Hero has no offhand, ignores the -2 offhand penalty.
    • PROFESSIONAL FIGHTING: Add +1 to fighting rolls.
    • ENEMY
    • Chal’Far Fal D’orn-
    • Spear- 2H, 1 Parry, +1 Reach, Strd6 damage
    • Short Sword- 1H, Str+d6 damage
    • Dagger- 1h, Str+d4 damage
    • Reinforced Leather- +2 Toughness, +1 instead if attacked with a raise.
  • MISC
    • Backpack
    • Trail Rations (2 weeks)
    • Canteen (water filled)
    • Canteen (water filled)
    • Rope (10 feet)
    • Fillet Knife(sheathed)
    • 60 Coins
    • Ultra fancy red gloves
    • Extra fine black boots
    • Weathered but excellent looking wide brimmed black hat (matches his boots)
  • EXP- 83
  • Advances:
    • Nerves of Steel
    • Improved Nerves of Steel
    • Strength Increase to D10
    • Frenzy
    • Block
    • Combat Reflexes
    • Strength Increase to D12
    • Improved Frenzy
    • Brawny
    • Two-Fisted
    • Vigor Increase to D10
    • Vigor Increase to D12
    • Dodge
    • Improved Dodge
    • Ambidextrous
    • Professional: Fighting

Currently with a patch of hair burned away (ugly hindrance from incapacitation)


Born into a family long without influence, Rikard decided he wanted something more out of life. Seeing the military as a possible way to blaze a path for himself, he joined up the local militia led by Commander Oakwood.

There, he learned several battlefield skills, and trained very extensively with the spear. While learning how to attack all foes around him, there was an accident. The young son of Commander Oakwood, Jason, snuck up behind him as he was attacking in a sweep, and accidentally stabbed him, killing him instantly.

After that, he found himself ostracized and in hiding. Moving from one town to the next, keeping ahead of the Oakwood family, he finds himself traveling to Kith’takharos to start a new life.

Rikard is a brash warrior with a feeling of invincibility due to his training and escape from the family hunting him. He goes off in search of adventure to prove to himself and others that he is as good as he claims he is.

Rikard Castleberry

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