Darrenthal Thorgaresh (Darren)

Darren is very attractive both in looks and demeanor. He has on occaision taken property that does not belong to him and is quite at home in the shadows. He is equally quick with his tongue as he is with his feet.


AG:d8 SM:d6 SP:d8 ST:d6 VI:d4

P:5 C:8 T:6

Rank: Hero

SKILLS: Notice(sm)d8, Stealth(ag)d10+2, Shooting(ag)d10+2(4), Lockpick(ag) d82, Climb(st)d6+2, Persuation(sp)d8+8, Spellcasting(sm)d4

HINDERANCES: CURIOUS He is fascinated by old ruins, artifacts and places that are normally off limits, GREED (1) He is somewhat greedy when it comes to wealth of any kind, STUBBORN His upper class Dilettante attidude makes him appear quite bull-headed and stubborn at times.

Languages: Common S/W, Swampman S, Ancient Draconic W

Common Background knowledge (pg11): Due to his length of time in captivity he has learned how to use body language and also speak the Swampmen language to a degree. (Standard Smarts Roll for Common Knowledge +2)

He has dealt with several locks and traps in his modest career as a thief and as a result he has some knowledge of their types, their tricks and their inner workings. (Standard Smarts Roll for Common Knowledge +2)

Edges: Nobility: (Rich and +2 Charisma)

(Rich)His family is of Lesser Nobility. For this reason he has a very nice abode in Kith’takharos and some money coming in from his family every so often.

(+2 Charisma)He learned to smile and Charm those around him when he lied or attempted to get away with something at an early age. He was taught manners and he learned how to imitate proper Ettiquette, customary protocol (Especially when speaking to women)and to take care of his physical appearance.

Attractive and Very Attractive (What can I say, this guy is very handsome and people generally want to just like him)

5xp EDGE: Charismatic (When he was thrust into the closed arms of Kith’takharos he quickly learned to thrust his Charm outward and how to get on the good side of everyone around him)

10xp EDGE: Thief (Sometimes the money took its time to get to him. For this reason he took to learning how to pick locks, move unseen, climb difficult obstacles and take things that did not belong to him. Thus far he has never been caught or even suspected of any crime)

15xp EDGE: Acrobatic (Through Physical training he learned how to become extremely limber and flexible, capable of performing stunning feats of Acrobatics)

20xp EDGE: Seasoned: Fleet of Foot (With heightened agility and Through physical training that strengthened his legs he is capable of running far faster then most)

25xp EDGE: Marksman. (After becoming much more familiar with crossbows, especially his special Pump variety he was sent as a gift, he has learned how to quickly take aim in less than half the time with these weapons)

30xp EDGE: Trademark Weapon (Whisper) +1

Awarded 20xp:
-35xp Edge: Notice d8
-40xp Edge: Veteran – Arcane Background
-45xp Edge: Skill d4 Spellcasting
-50xp Edge: Imp. Trademark Weapon (Whisper) 1(2)
55xp Edge: Run and Gun
60xp Edge: Hero – Shooting Skill d10
65xp Edge: Lockpicking Skill d8, Persuation Skill D8
70xp Edge: Removing 1pt Hinderance: Greedy


Adventure gear: Reinforced Leather Armor specially designed and fitted for his lithe form and stealth(Dark Brown) A small set of lockpicks, probes and Trap tools inserted into a small, leather wrist holder that he wears just inside his left sleeve cuff. Pump Crossbow (Whisper+2) is its nickname due to its very quiet draw and fire noise. (This is due to tightly wound strands of a strong variety of silk on several parts of the draw and firing mechaanism) It has a shoulder and waist strap so that it can be quickly and easily tightened to his stomach then released for use. (Items purchased for him by his uncle who was sad to see him being tossed into Exile) 2x Bolt Cases one strapped to each of his thighs containing 25 bolts each. Treated Leather Backpack: (Dark Brown) 50ft of thin, strong rope 1/2in thk. Grapling hook. Mini Crossbow, 20 Mini Bolts and Case. 50 loose bolts (regular) tied together.

Assets: A very nice but modestly sized 4 bedroom house with a landscaped yard. He pays a man named Gregor Razul a modest sum to garden, clean and keep his house stocked with food and drink on a regular basis. It lays just east of the Transit Guild compound along the inlet. In the Attic of the home lies a smaller room with no windows and only 1 door that is locked with a special key that Darren carries A large chest with a false bottom. Inside the false bottom is an all black body suit with a full mask, padded gloves and padded slippers, Mini Crossbow w/20 bolts, Lockpick/disarm trap kit (What he uses when he is out and about as a Thief in Kith’takharos) A small, plain looking crystal amulet on a simple, silver chain. (Hidden under his shirt)



Father: Malakai – Human, Mother: Joruna – Half ELf, Uncle: Grehlun – Dwarf

His family lives primarily in Port Lissup managing their quite successful mercantile business which has raised their status to that of Lesser Nobility. His family is multi faceted. His mother, Joruna is well versed in the arcane arts, an accomplished scholar and archeologist. His father, Malikai, a well to do businessman of lesser Nobility. His adopted uncle, Grehlun, a dwarf, is a highly skilled crafter and inventor. Darren is a stubborn, selfish and greedy only child. Such qualities carried over into his young adulthood and as a result his father sent him…banished him to Kith’takharos to keep him out of trouble and for him to appreciate the value of family and hopefully to teach him some self reliance and responsibility. A trait necessary for his status. He is somewhat of a Dilettante however and has not really earned his mark in the eyes of his family or with the people of Kith’takharos. Even so, his Uncle acquired a certain affection for the boy as the two of them argued alot as both were very unyielding and stubborn in nature. Darrens skills were few but those that he had were very pronounced. He possessed a great speed and agility and a keen eye. He spoke with a silver tongue and had the attractiveness to enhance his abilities. Upon his leaving, his Uncle imparted with him his most prized invention prototypes:

Padded Armor: Bonus:1, Wt:8 +1 to stealth (A Hearing Based Notice roll) in an Urban environment. (At night also a +1 to stealth for visual based Notice rolls in an Urban Environment) The armor is equipped with hand grip gloves: +1 to Climbing in an Urban Environment.

Exquisite Reinforced Leather Armor: Bonus 2 (1), Wt:20, This armor was designed and fitted specifically for Darrens lithe form. It is equipped with straps and cinches in different areas in order to make it quieter to move in. The unusually sturdy leather has been treated and blackened to give it a black pigment and dull sheen.

Lockpick/Trap tool kit: A small leather strap that can be cinched around a wrist or ankle. It holds an array of different lockpick/trap tools. If Darren passes his Lock/Trap Knowledge check he is granted a +1 to use this kit as these tools are designed specifically for the locks and traps he knows of.

Two Mini crossbows: 1AP, 6/12/24, 2d4, ROF:1, 3 wt, and 2 holsters to hold them.

Pump Crossbow: 2AP, 10/20/40, 2d6, ROF:1, 12 wt, , 6 shot capacity, and the tension straps to cinch it to someones chest. Grehlun called this crossbow, Whisper. This prototype is equipped with inner workings coverd with a strong, tightly wound silk which has the result of making it extremely quiet to load and fire. (-2 to Notice rolls for hearing)

Soon after Darren arrived in Kith’takharos, his curiosity and greed got the better of him as he was trying to find his place in this strange new village. He fell in with a group of men who promised visits to ancient ruins and a chance to acquire valuable artifacts. These men did not lie, but unfortunately they were poachers.

The poachers took Darren east into Bright Water territory. Of course, Darren did not realize he was trespassing. The group arrived at some ancient ruins as promised, and began searching for objects that could be sold downriver. Then a Bright Water scouting party arrived on a routine patrol. The poachers panicked and attacked. Darren was stunned and could do little beside watch his comrades die. However, because Darren did not participate in the fight, he was spared, and taken into captivity by the Swamp Men.

From the Swamp Man perspective, Darren trespassed and was looting a holy place. Had he just been wandering alone, they may have recognized his lack of swamp experience and warned him off, escorting him out of their territory. But the fight changed all that, and Darren was kept a prisoner as punishment for a time until he was released without any explanation though he was able to catch some fo the gutteral babble from the Swampmen. (Something to do with Heroes of Kith’takharos and the return of a spear, from what he could gather)

The swamp often causes illness and ill health in newcomers, perhaps the main reason for his low Vitality.

Darren has yet to really make his mark upon the world. He has decided that his recent release was a good omen and that with recent talk of artifacts, towers and ruins being discovered now was a good a time as any to seek out fame and fortune but he doesn’t believe he is capable of going it alone…

Special Information:

Shooting: If Darren does not move while using Whisper, his Pump Crossbow, he can load, aim and fire each round without penalty as long as he is stationary. He can also load, fire and run without penalty. He has 6 shots after which he must reload which takes 7 turns. He has the Edges: Marksman and also Run and Gun to aid him with Shooting.

Shooting Maneuvers w/ Whisper:

Stationary Shot: d10+4 (/emote racks another bolt, aims and quickly fires Whisper) A Hit:2d6, a Raise:3d6

Called Shot to the head: d10 (/emote racks another bolt, raises up the tip of his crossbow, takes aim and fires Whisper. A Hit: 2d6+4, a Raise: 3d6+4.

Called Shot to the vitals or extremeties (V/E): d10+2 (/emote racks another bolt, levels the tip of his crossbow, takes aim and fires Whisper. A Hit: 2d6+2, a Raise: 3d6+2.

A Running Shot: d10+2 (/emote tears off in a run and racks another bolt. As he moves he points his crossbow and snaps off a shot. A Hit: 2d6, a Raise 3d6.

A Running Called Shot to the head: d10+2 (/emote tears off in a run and racks another bolt. As he moves he raises the tip of his crossbow and snaps off a shot. A Hit: 2d6+4, a Raise 3d6+4.

A Running Called Shot to the V/E: d10+2 (/emote tears off in a run and racks another bolt. As he moves he levels off his crossbow and snaps off a shot. A Hit: 2d6+2, a Raise 3d6+2.

Stationary Shot w/The Drop: d10+8 (/emote slinks back and hunkers down silently and takes aim with his crossbow. /emote sees his target move into view and fires immediately.) A Hit: 2d6+8, A raise: 3d6+8.

Stationary Called shot to the Head w/The Drop: d10+4 (/emote slinks back and hunkers down silently raising up his crossbow and taking aim. /emote sees his target move into view and fires immediately.) A Hit: 2d6+8, A raise: 3d6+8.

Stationary Called shot to the V/E w/The Drop: d10+6 (/emote slinks back and hunkers down silently leveling off his crossbow and taking aim. /emote sees his target move into view and fires immediately.) A Hit: 2d6+6, A raise: 3d6+6.

Thief/Acrobat: Darren has been formally trained to move about silently, climb structures and manipulate locks and traps in an Urban environment. He receives a +2 to Stealth, Climb and Lockpicking skills. TO add to this, due to his lithe form, quickness and unusual agility, he was also trained in Acrobatic maneuvers. He can perform such maneuvers and tricks at +2 and he gains +1 to parry incoming blows.

Pace: He gets +2 to his standard movement and rolls a d10 instead of a d6.

Arcane Background: Darren uses a small, crystal amulet on a silver chain as a focus. He keeps it hidden under his shirt but must place fingers of his right hand upon it (through his shirt) and whisper a few words of an ancient language in order to evoke its power. He does not want anyone to know if this ability however and will use it under observation only if there is dire need.

10 Power Points, 3 spells:</br>
Invisibility 3turns/5PP: /emote concentrates as he touches his fingers to his chest and whispers, “Amin anna amin a’ i’ dae,” then fades away. (If successful)

Speak (read, write) Language: 10Mins/1PP: /emote concentrates as he touches his fingers to his chest and whispers, “Amin ooma istui thel dath,” then understands. (If successful)

Detect/Conceal Arcana 2PP/3rounds/1Hour: /emote concentrates as he touches his fingers to his chest and whispers, “Ilya istu dolen e’ i’ mandu,” then can see/hide. (If successful)

Darrenthal Thorgaresh (Darren)

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