Ian Aedan




  • Agility: d10
  • Smarts: d8
  • Spirit: d8
  • Strength: d6
  • Vigor: d6


  • Shooting (AG) d10
  • Fighting (AG) d8
  • Investigation (SM) d8
  • Notice (SM) d6
  • Knowledge – Archeology (SM) d6
  • Knowledge – History (SM) d6
  • Survival (SM) d6
  • Guts (SP) d6
  • Streetwise (SM) d8

Derived Stats

  • Pace: 6 (8)
  • * Run d10
  • Parry: 5
  • Charisma: 0
  • Toughness: 5 (6)

Languages: Common, Swamp Man, Ancient Common, Ancient Swamp Man


  • Curious (Major – Ancient ruins, artifacts, and ‘unusual treasures’)
  • Enemy (Minor – Father and Sister. They don’t want him dead, they just want the treasures he’s going after. Their minions may rough him up and/or put him through unnecessary/overcomplicated traps.)
  • Quirk (Minor – Habit of ‘educating’ others about the situation/items at hand, often during the worst moments.


  • Investigator (+2 Investigation/Streetwise. +2 Notice made through evidence searches)
  • Luck (Extra Benny per session)
  • Connections (Jade Leaf Archaeologists/Scholars)
  • Marksman (+1 to hit if no move in round)
  • Fleet-Footed (Pace +2, Running d10)
  • Trademark Weapon (Bow)


  • Leather Armor (+1 Toughness)
  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Bow
  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • 2 Waterskins
  • Flint & Steel
  • Lantern
  • 6 pint oil
  • Rope (10’)
  • 2 Quiver with 40 Arrows (strapped together)
  • 10 days trail rations
  • Normal Clothing
  • 100 gp


The son of a modest merchant family, Ian Aedan has always been curious about the unknown. He would always skip out on his responsibilities at the family store to go on ‘adventures’ throughout the neighborhood and eventually the city (even if those adventures were just exploring a section of town he had never seen before).

Shortly after he became a teenager, a fisherman attempted to pay off his debt to Ian’s father with a Harlass Orn artifact he he dug up while fishing. Mr Aedan accepted the item and sold it to a private collector, thus starting a somewhat less then legal side business of dealing in black market artifacts and treasures. This of course meant that Ian found himself exposed to mysteries he had only imagined before this.

As he matured, Ian found himself disagreeing with his fathers activities. He took the view that these treasures deserved to be treated with respect and studied, not to be sold and hidden away. Ian started to take side jobs himself, to gain possession of items before his family did and quietly turning them over to ‘the proper authorities’. Eventually his father discovered his actions, leading to a falling out within the family.

Since then, Ian has separated himself from the family and has started his own path, as an independent archaeologist and explorer. Occasionally he works with the Jade Leaf to assist their endeavours. He maintains something of a competition against his father and sister (Marla), often seeking out the same treasures at the same time. While heated, none of these encounters have been fatal (though Ian has been roughed up by a few thugs and inconvenienced by some tricks and delaying tactics (overly complicated traps and the like).


  • 5 – Increase Agility to d8
  • 10 – Increase Shooting to d8, Increase Survival to d6
  • 15 – Edge: Connections (Jade Leaf Archaeologists/Scholars)
  • 20 (Seasoned) Increase Spirit to d8
  • 25 – Edge: Marksman
  • 30 – Increase Guts to d6, Increase Fighting to d6
  • 35 – Edge: Fleet-Footed
  • 36 – Cup of Coffee
  • 40 – Increased Agility to d10
  • 45 – Increased Shooting to d10 and Fighting to d8
  • 50 – Trademark Weapon (Bow)

Ian Aedan

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