Constantine, Samsolon


Physical Attributes. 6’2”, 189 lbs., 44 yrs.
Physical Description. Human. Tall and lean with whipcord muscles and dark brown hair that hangs to his shoulders.
Personality Traits. Maintains a reserved and concentrated demeanor. Listens better than most and speaks only after carefully considering his words.
History. About two years ago, Samsolon left Latrevar for Kith’takharos. He traveled light and brought few personal items. The only object he truly values is the wolf’s head family crest ring, given by his father when he attained the Age of Title.

Samsolon has learned enough swampcraft to make solo forays into the swamp. He has worked for the Order of the Jade Leaf several times. In fact, Yavanna Culand has taken a shine to him because of his keen ability to describe a site. It doesn’t hurt that he also drafts accurate maps. Samsolon understands the balance of power in Kith’takharos as only a man born into privilege could. Using this knowledge, he has worked for the Transit Guild on more than one occasion to further his reputation. It is uncanny that these associations always seem to benefit Kith’takharos as much as the Transit Guild, a fact that does not go unnoticed by Meryl Dunestal.
Unique Traits. A moody man who prefers his own company. Seems a man apart even while he lives within a community. He talks about “finding the one” on his next adventure. However, he has enough self-awareness to know that the thrill of the chase is more important to him than worldly riches.
Commentary. Samsolon’s nephew, Casdegere, recently arrived in Kith’takharos, fleeing the strife of their homeland of Latrevar. Samsolon offered hospitality though he did not take the young man into his confidence.

Samsolon recently accepted a job from Meryl Dunestal to search for Almus Rundarig, a missing explorer and close friend of Meryl’s. With two companions, Samsolon traveled across the Big Water and followed Almus’ trail to a structure the people of Kith’takharos call the Old Temple.

The group found Almus’ corpse, but were attacked by many creatures. Samsolon did not escape and was presumed dead. The survivors called the creatures “blood-sucking monsters,” but were so traumatized they could provide no further description.

Constantine, Samsolon

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