Chal’far Fal D’orn

Double ended spear

weapon (melee)

A Chal’far Fal D’orn is a spear of normal length, with some important differences. Instead of a typical spear head, it is more akin to a blade. Also, both ends have blades on them, not just one. The blades are made of a strange bluish metal.

The weapon itself is not magical, but it has some unusual properties. Against undead and summoned opponents, it has been reported to do a die higher damage than normal.

It can be held as a normal spear, using just one end. This allows for one attack per round, (2 with frenzy) and gives a +1 bonus to parry. The range is adjacent +1, or reach.

Or it can be held in the center, allowing the user to strike using both sides. One side is considered to be an offhand attack, incurring all natural penalties. Used this way, there is no parry bonus, and the range is adjacent. (Frenzy adds one attack to just one side, only 1 attack can be made with the offhand side)

As a free action, the bearer can switch styles once per round if they want, however, once attacking, that style is kept until the players next turn.


Dorian Orsova gave a Chal’far Fal D’orn to Rikard shortly after the duel between Treece and Casdegere, for prior services rendered to the town. It originally came from Yavanna Culand. The rather rare metal and unusual design made it a princely gift.

A second Chal’far Fal D’orn was found in a cave with ancient mechanical constructs deep in the swamp, but it disappeared along with Bart when he died.

Chal’far Fal D’orn

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