Combat Edges

Combat Formation
Seasoned, Fighting d8+, Agility d8+.
A trained soldier can support another trained soldier in battle. Using weapons, body, and a series of feints and distractions, a character may aid an adjacent ally. The ally must also have the Combat Formation Edge. The hero forfeits his own attack and then grants a +1 Attack or +1 Parry to an adjacent ally trained in Combat Formation. This bonus lasts until the hero acts again.

Improved Combat Formation
Veteran, Combat Formation.
As above, but the hero grants +2 to Attack or Parry. The bonus may not be divided.

Combat Flowchart

These flowcharts are designed to tell you what to do AFTER a character is hit by an attack. There are two versions here: The original PDF and edited PNGs which are more suitable for printing.

Combat Flowchart PDF

Combat Flowchart PNG Page 1

Combat Flowchart PNG Page 2


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