Welcome to the Savage Worlds Kith’takharos campaign. You can find information about the Kith’takharos setting at the White Haired Man web site. This Obsidian Portal site will focus on dynamic information generated by the campaign, such as character creation rules, adventure logs, character information, journals, etc. And now that Obsidian Portal has added a Forum to the campaign site, we will also handle out of game roleplaying and discussion here.

Technical Information

This campaign will be played over the Internet using the "Fantasy Grounds II ":https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/ software. All players must acquire the software with either a Full or Lite license, but the Fantasy Grounds Savage Worlds Ruleset is not required. In addition, we will use Ventrilo for out-of-character voice communication.

Edited Fantasy Grounds chatlogs will be posted as Adventure Logs.

The latest Savage Worlds rules are available in paper or PDF at RPGNow.

A Note on Game Play

The swamps surrounding Kith’takharos are dangerous and this will be reflected in the environment. Do not assume that all potential foes can be defeated by the characters. Because something can be discovered does not imply the characters can handle it. You will have to make intelligent decisions regarding danger as best you can. Track down rumors, other explorers, and whatever clues you can gain from your travels. I hope this will engender a sense of intrigue and exploration.

Savaged Kith'takharos

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